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Security Guard Could Not Stop ‘Dominicana’ Massiel Taveras’ Stunning Red Carpet Moment in Cannes 

Security Guard Could Not Stop Massiel Taveras' Stunning Red Carpet Moment in Cannes 
By Imagenes Dominicanas & Reynaldo Brito

Massiel Taveras’ journey to the International Cannes Film Festival in France took an unexpected turn. The Dominican actress and model encountered a security guard who tried to prevent her from showcasing her remarkable dress on the red carpet. 

Designed by Giannina Azar, Taveras’ dress featured a dramatic nine-foot-long train adorned with an image of Jesus. As she climbed the famed red stairs, she paused to adjust the train for photographers. Suddenly, a woman security guard intervened, attempting to usher her quickly towards the theater entrance, blocking her from posing for the cameras. Taveras, undeterred by the interruption, continued to assert her presence on the red carpet, even as the guard repeatedly tried to move her along. Visibly frustrated, Taveras exchanged words with the guard, who placed her arm close to Taveras in an attempt to rush her. 

Despite the guard’s efforts, Taveras, who was crowned Miss Dominican Republic 2007, reached the top of the stairs, fixed the train, and posed triumphantly for the cameras. The moment was captured on video and rapidly went viral.  

What Massiel Taveras Said in Cannes

Deaf lip reader Jackie Gonzalez interpreted the exchange in a video, revealing Taveras’ determination: “Wait a minute, ma’am. It’s a dress. It’s the fact, man. One minute, go on. Why is he doing that? Come on, one photo. My God. I’m not going to move until you let me take this.” 

Reflecting on the incident, Taveras shared her thoughts on Instagram. “Oh my God, after the most incredible week of my life, I am back in Hollywood, and I must confess that I am amazed to once again see the hand of the powerful giant being the most incredible strategist and publicist in history. In the moment, one does not understand the opposition, but then God, as a GOOD, JUST Father with great attention to detail, strives and uses EVERYTHING in our favor, WOW,” she wrote in Spanish.  

Initially perceived as a humiliating setback, the encounter turned into a fortuitous event for Taveras. She noted, “Oh my God, we are still celebrating. I am still in Cannes.” Taveras highlighted how the incident brought global attention to her dress, an artistic creation by Giannina Azar and Yan Páez. 

For Taveras, what began as a challenging situation at Cannes ultimately shone a global spotlight on her resilience and the extraordinary design of her dress. 

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