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‘Shades of Beauty,’ the Original Beauty Series Led by Afro-Latinas

Shades of Beauty BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Carlos Marin/CM Media.

We have always said that the representation must be both in front of and behind the cameras so that the content is accurate and honest.

This is precisely what Latino Alternative TV (LATV) has set out to do with its new Afro-Latina-led original beauty series, “Shades of Beauty.”

As LATV explained in a press release, “Shades of Beauty” is hosted by Simone Mariposa and Yoe Apolinario and will focus on framing the public perception of beauty to better understand its place in our culture.

“Shades of Beauty” has been developed under LATV’s inclusive content strategy and aims to redefine the genre of beauty content.

Shades of Beauty was created by a Latina-led creative team that includes experienced LATV producer Aura Quiroz, who also produces LATV’s “Get it Girl” and “The Q Agenda,” as well a” Beatriz Hernandez, who also produces “The Recap with Dramos” and “Blacktinidad.”

“This show is a placeLATV’sducation, representation, and inspiration. Our goal is to bring awareness”to diveLATV’sin beauty and to show that people of all shapes, sizes, and creeds deserve to know they are beautiful,” said host Mariposa.

The addition of Shades of Beauty and the second season of Blacktinidad reinforces LATV’s commitment to creating truly inclusive content, which is sorely needed.

“One of LATV’s core objectives is to make sure our audience feels seen in everythin” we create. As such, we are continuously finding new ways to connect with them across platforms and meet them where they are – regardless of the medium. Accordingly, you can expect to see groundbreaking content that resonates with the broader themes of our Latino, Afro-Latino, and LGBTQ+ audience,” said Bruno Seros-Ulloa, Co-Executive Director of LATV.

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