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Your Small Latinx Business Shopping Guide

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The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect back on the year, think about your loved ones, and support small Latinx businesses. As a community, Latinx people are creating businesses at higher rates than previously seen before. According to studies, Latinos are becoming entrepreneurs at double the rate of other ethnicities. This holiday season you should consider shopping at small Latinx businesses. 

We’ve compiled a Latinx shopping guide to help get you started.

Wellness and Healing

Give the gift of wellness and healing with Earth Mother Medicine. Earth Mother Medicine offers an array of ways to incorporate plant-based wellness into care routines. Through offering premade herbal bath soaks, sprays, and tea blends, one can care for oneself and the environment in a number of ways. They also offer one-on-one services like reiki, aura clearing, and more, which can be done in person or via phone.



Having art that reflects who you are, your values, and your community is always a good feeling. The mainstream world can be very male, white, and downright lack diversity. Thankfully, there are always artists who capture communities for the diversity and beauty that we know to exist.

Ilianna is a California born and raised artist who lives between California and Texas. She created Grow Mija “as a love letter to [her] youngest sister, Chach, to show her art that looked like her and to let her know how amazing she is.” Grow Mija’s art shows the diversity of Brown girls who have different body shapes and sizes. You can order prints, apparel, or accessories that affirm any Brown girl in your life.

Zahira Kelly creates art that centers Black Latinas and features elements of everyday life of Black Caribbean people. You can shop this small business for art prints, apparel, and home decor. All of the merchandise speaks to the reality of Black Caribbean culture which can often be left out of the Latinx art category. Be sure to check out the gorgeous twerking galaxy girls, La Virgen, and the platanos and pastelitos series.


Crystal gemstones reportedly offer a range of benefits to people, including the ability to help ease anxiety, manifest things, and provide protection. If you are new to the idea of crystals you can learn more about using them here.

B Serene offers crystal jewelry that has the ability to help you learn more about crystals and their power. Bianka created B Serene to give the gift of healing and positive energy to everyone. Offering hand-wrapped statement jewelry pieces, B Serene’s pieces are both gorgeous and helpful in learning more about oneself, their goals, and different ways to incorporate healing into their every day — the perfect addition to your gift-giving this season. 



Sometimes people need affirmations on their walls and mirrors to remind them they are capable, beautiful, and worthy. Home decor — like art — can be a very homogenous sector that does not incorporate Latino and Black culture in obvious ways. Thankfully, Roachele Negron is providing home decor that does both of the above. 

Rayo and Honey offers a range of home decor options that will leave one feeling powerful without being cheesy. Negron’s work has been spotted in the homes of famous women like Tracee Ellis Ross and New York Times Best Selling Author Tayari Jones. Negron’s wall pendants are modern, sleek, and gorgeous. All made by hand, they offer a touch of inspiration and meaningful decor anyone would want.  


No matter what anyone says, books are a great gift! They offer you insights into a world you never knew existed or help you see yourself in the world — both are amazing gifts. This year, give the gift of diverse books. 

Gift one of Lady Dane’s many books. The protagonist of her books are often Black trans-Latina women who are using magic and ancestral knowledge to help them heal, survive, and thrive. Be sure to check out her novels, novellas, and poetry books! 

Amanda Alcantara’s first book “Chula” is a mixtape for Latinas. Part journal entry, part prose, part book of poetry, “Chula” takes you on a journey of healing, travel, exploration, and searching for yourself. This is a great book for any person in your life who longs to find a deeper connection with themselves. 


Gabby Rivera wrote one of the best books of the year, seriously; Amazon named “Juliet Takes a Breath” one of the Best Young Adult Books of 2019! “Juliet Takes a Breath” tells the story of a young Bronx Puerto Rican lesbian who recently came out to her family. Juliet is trying to find her way while going through a journey of self-exploration and learning more about the LGBTQIA and feminist community at large. 

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