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Buenas Noticias! ‘Somos Good News – Latinx Edition’ Came Through With More Of What They Promised

If you’re looking for your dose of good news, then look no further. ‘Somos Good News: Latinx Edition’ has you covered! Following the trend to provide you with good news, the reporters of ‘Somos Good News’ rummaged through the world to find the heartwarming content most of us crave during this time. Luckily, they didn’t have to work so hard as good news surrounds us more than anyone would think.

This week, the hosts took us on a virtual trip around the Earth. Here’s a synopsis of each news story:

They started out in Argentina. While in the motherland of Tango, the hosts introduced us to Salvador, a little boy who had quite the birthday celebration. Let’s just say his mother and the local police station arranged a birthday he will never forget.

We are then taken to Mexico where we are given the ability to destroy coronavirus. Well, not exactly. The gaming studio, Estacion Pi, has created a video game, Don’t Catch It, that allows the user to defeat the infamous virus. Don’t Catch It was designed to promote empathy and the importance of working together to reach greater results.

Somos Good News Belatina episode 3
Photo credit via marca.com

Miles away from Latin America, we are dropped off in Mumbai, India. A sea of pink caused by flamingos greets us in this new destination. This phenomenon is due to the fact that flamingos have been given peace thanks to the stay-at-home orders. Will people finally understand that this world belongs to the animals as well?

Our global excursion ended in the virtual festival, Altísimo Live, dedicated to those who feed us — farmworkers. This event, which took place on Cinco de Mayo (a day that commemorates the battle of Puebla), was held to raise 3 million dollars for the Farmworkers’ COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund. Hosted by Eva Longoria and Enrique Santos, Altísimo Live was jam-packed with plenty of appearances by artists and influential Latinx figures.

Photo credit via es.dailybreak.com

‘Somos Good News’ delivered exactly what was ordered. That’s also good news.

Now go and watch the episode (if you haven’t done so already)! It’s packed with compassion, love, and some awkward moments.

Come back next week for more good news on ‘Somos Good News!’ We’ll be waiting for you (not creepy at all, right?)

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