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Weekend Recap: Second Gentleman’s New Communications Director, Princeton’s Offering Free Tuition, and More

Happy Monday! 

How was your first weekend with the latest Mercury Retrograde (among other retrogrades)? Well, we hope it treated everyone well. If not, head over to The Biz Bruja’s, our in-house astrologer, recent article where she gives each sign a quick vibe.

Now, let’s get to what you really came here for – a recap of the stories you may have missed out on as you recharged.

As expected, the UK is still in much distress after Queen Elizabeth’s passing. This will continue for the next several days. Though the somber mood still lingers, there was some good news over the weekend. An Ivy League university, for instance, is now offering some great benefits to low-income students to try to brighten the mood a bit, and we are here for it. 

Let’s learn more about what happened in the past couple of days!

The Second Gentleman Names a Latina as His New Communications Director 

Weekend Recap: Second Gentleman's New Communications Director, Princeton Offering Free Tuition, and More belatina latine
Credit: Twitter/ @lizamacevedo

Doug Emhoff, Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, who is formally known as the first second gentleman has a new communications director. What’s exciting about this news is that he named a Latina to this position. The communications director is Liza Acevedo. She was recently the deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. 

“I feel very ready to make a difference working on behalf of the administration to help communities, including the Latino community,” Acevedo said about her new role, as reported by NBC News.

The Netherlands Returns Stolen Artifacts to Panama

Though this didn’t happen over the weekend, we thought you’d enjoy this headline. 

According to Art News, The Netherlands has hauled over a large order of pre-Hispanic artifacts to Panama. This was done in the hopes to help Panama reach its goal of reclaiming looted cultural heritage from international collections. I think other countries should join in. Don’t you agree?

Foreign Minister, Erika Mouynes, has called it the “largest repatriation of archaeological pieces in the history of Central America.” About 343 ceramic objects were returned and it is said that Panama awaits more artifacts from Italy. 

Renowned Afro-Latina Sports Reporter, MJ Acosta, Speaks with J Balvin 

As part of the NFL season’s kickoff, J Balvin spoke to the renowned Afro-Latina sports reporter, MJ Acosta. During the interview, the Colombian reggaeton star highlighted the importance of Latino representation, including in the NFL. Staying on brand, he spoke about mental health and why it is crucial to keep these conversations top of mind. He also mentioned his new sneaker deal and other musical collaborations. J Balvin headlined this season’s kickoff concert. 

Students Whose Families Make Less Than $100K Won’t Be Charged Anything by Princeton University

You read that right. The cost for some Princeton students will be zilch. As part of its new financial aid policy, this only applies to undergraduate students whose household income is less than $100,000, as per NPR. It is a known fact that attending an Ivy League school oftentimes costs an arm and a leg, but with this initiative, these students will be relieved of this debt. They will also receive $4,500 each school year for books and other personal expenses. 

Students, of course, must be accepted into Princeton University before applying for this aid. Qualifying students can tap into this benefit in the fall of 2023. 

The Nation’s Fourth-Largest School System Voted Against Pride Month

Last Friday, the Miami-Dade School Board voted against Pride Month, a month that recognizes people from the LGBTQ+ community. The board voted 8-1 against the measure. 

Awareness months originated for the mere reason of humanizing historically excluded communities. 

Throughout the year, there are other awareness months such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, and AAPI Month. Teachers and school administrators have used these months in their curriculum to teach critical thinking and allow students to understand histories that won’t ever be erased – no matter how much people try.

Whether you use this as a cautionary tale or not, it is important to know about measures – both locally and nationally –  that may affect someone’s safety and livelihood. 

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