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BELatina’s Weekly Roundup: The Quest to Uplift the Latine Community Continues

¡Es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe! Also, the bed knows it too. It’s asking for more time, so thank goodness for the weekend!

As we conclude the first week of Hispanic Heritage Month (or how some people know it as Latine, Latinx, and Latino Heritage Month), it is important to remember how great it is to give people the opportunity to learn more about our community, while uplifting it at the same time. Though BELatina’s premise is just that – all year long – the push that Hispanic Heritage Month gives is appreciated. 

Talking about uplifting stories from the community, we published a few this week. It’s always great to know that these articles will inspire a young Latina, Latino, or Latine to continue to show up for our people – because that’s where it’s at. 

Let’s have a look, shall we? 

Starting Off Hispanic Heritage Month Right and National Cholesterol Education Month with a New BELatina TV Episode

Starting Off Hispanic Heritage Month Right with a New BELatina TV Episode belatina latine

As we enter Hispanic Heritage Month, BELatina is gracing a TV or device near you with its new episode. The hosts Karent Sierra and Chef James once again took us through an adventure-filled episode thanks to our amazing partners this time around, Mazola and Trafalgar. 

‘Iveliz Explains It All,’ the Children’s Book Written by a Latina that Seeks to Validate Mental Health Issues

Photo credit: Penguin Random House/ Illustrated by Alyssa Bermudez

This week, the Puerto Rican author Andrea Beatriz Arango released her debut book, “Iveliz Explains It All,” a children’s book that focuses on breaking the stigma of mental health issues. The publication was released on September 13, 2022.

Coming from a background of working as an ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher, Arango has worked with many immigrant children scholars struggling with traumas and mental health issues. To show that there’s nothing wrong with these feelings, Arango wrote a children’s book to help those in need.

Afro Power: Celebrate Gorgeous and Flawless Hair During This ‘World Afro Day’

There’s no better time to be proud and rock your Afro hair than this Thursday, September 15, during the official celebration of “World Afro Day” — an international day that goes beyond a unique and characteristic hair type.

This celebration aims to change and educate the world about the uniqueness of Afros and the culture and identity that’s behind it.

Meet Lily Breeze, Red Bull BC One’s Latina B-Girl Competitor

Photo credit: Courtesy of Lily Breeze

To get us hyped, BELatina News spoke to one of the Latina talent, b-girl, and hip-hop purveyors, Lily Breeze, who is representing our community this year. She was born and raised in L.A. San Fernando Valley to Mexican immigrant parents. 

Mexican Designer Captures Día De Muertos’ Essence in Newly Released Barbie Collection

Credit: Instagram @benitosnatosoficial

This year, the iconic brand released a Día De Muertos limited edition collection with the help of world-renowned fashion designer, Benito Santos.  

The 2022 release of three Día De Muertos Barbie dolls have been selling hot, which comes as no surprise. After all, one of the dolls were designed by famed designer Santos himself. The doll, BENITO SANTOS X BARBIE DOLL, was priced at $100 and it’s already sold out. 

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