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Zip or Zap: Tips You Should Know About Hair Removal

The big summer reveal is almost here, and those countless hours in the gym is starting to pay off. As you reflect on your progress, you see that your waist is almost perfectly “snatched” as you anticipate the first big holiday weekend. Your girl’s trip is fully booked and you review that mental checklist of what needs to be done before departure day arrives. You remember what happened last year and vowed that it will never happen again, as memories of the debilitating accident with your razor the night before your flight flashed in your mind.  

Trying to do your own Brazilian hair removal with a razor was not a good idea and the vacation fling you were hoping for was already a fading dream before the vacation even started. There goes that grapefruit trick that Tiffany Haddesh’s character on Girl’s Trip raved about (it was on your must-try list that year after much internet research). This year however, you’re ready to try a less stressful, more liberating solution to your hair removal woes. That’s where we come in. We’ll share a few tips to help you in the decision that will make or break the summer of your lifetime.

Wax On Wax Off

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If only the process of waxing was like a spoken word session; smooth jazz in the background and a candle-light-filled ambiance accompanied with several glasses of wine. Yes, this sounds amazing, however reality sets in as you recall the experience of waxing is quite the opposite. Let’s replace the jazz with the bellowing sounds of your scream with every rip. If you thought having alcohol would help ease your pain by downing a few glasses a few hours before, think again. Alcohol will only intensify it, as now your nerve endings are on high volume and they are ready to unleash what feels like karma being a bitch. In this case the term “Pain is Pleasure” does not apply.  

One can argue that hard wax is much less pain than soft wax. Frankly speaking, ripping hair from the body is painful and nerve-wracking with any method. The only redeeming effect of a wax job is the smooth hairless area that you won’t have to worry about for your long weekend getaway. Yes, the aesthetic aftermath is glorious but for a very short-lived couple weeks. Although it has way more longevity than shaving, having to wait for the perfect amount of grow-out is very uncomfortable, even with the new version of waxing called sugaring. It is said to be perfect for fine hair, hypoallergenic and preferred for sensitive skin, as it doesn’t peel away skin cells like conventional waxing. However, no matter the waxing method you chose, there is still an awkward prickly stage which is not sexy. This holding phase is the drawback and perhaps will make you think about other alternatives that are more effortless despite the higher budget.

Brazilian Zap Job

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Wouldn’t it be cool if getting laser hair removal were as fun as playing laser tag? Eliminating your opponent painlessly, with smart strategic moves, in the end feeling like the winner you are? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, especially the painless part. There are a few things to consider if planning to embark on this hair removal journey; budget, commitment and high pain threshold should be your top three. It is an expensive venture; however the results you get for the price may be worth it.  Although it is not permanent, the growth is slow and very light.

Each treatment is intended to damage the hair follicles over time, causing it to grow back thinner. As a client of this process, I can attest to the freedom you gain with always having smooth hairless legs. Those pesky ingrown hairs, which we get from shaving the bikini area, will no longer be a factor. Commitment becomes a necessity when you plunk down upfront cash for multiple sessions. Buying the service as a bundle will cost you less than paying per visit. Most places offer a discount when purchased as a packaged deal, which is advantageous since you’ll need every treatment you buy. It takes about six to eight sessions, depending on the coarseness, to maximize your results. So it’s wise to set your appointments and stick to them, as the more you adhere to a set schedule, the better the outcome.

I know what you’re thinking; only nut jobs would put themselves through what seem like a torture session and you’d rather be tied to a chair listening to another Kanye rant than go through the pain of laser hair removal (sorry, I digress). But, I promise you, not having to shave for up to six months is worth every short term inconvenience. The pain can be handled like a champ, especially if you’re a frequent wax patron. The other aspect of laser to consider is the provider of the service. It’s important to find an establishment that uses the right machine. There are different levels of laser treatments where picking the right one for you depends on your skin tone and hair color. The ideal candidate has medium to light skin and dark hair. Fair-skinned people with blonde hair or dark-skinned people with dark hair must make special inquiries, as some places are not suitably equipped. It’s worth the extra time to research all your options before jumping in, as this laser tag is not a game. It’s a life experience that should be a win/win for all.

Electric Slide

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Let’s slide right into, last but not least, electrolysis. This is a more permanent version of laser hair removal and is ideal for fine, blonde or grey hair, regardless of skin tone. The most notable difference to laser is that the process is much longer as each hair follicle is targeted which takes a significant amount of time for large areas.  Although the process is time consuming, the end result is closer to permanent and less likely to cause hyperpigmentation for darker skinned individuals. Like laser, you do need multiple sessions for this treatment to be effective and requires way more commitment compared to all other hair removal processes. If you have the money and the time, it’s definitely worth examining.  I wish I could tell you the pain would be less, but I’d say it’s neck and neck. Because it’s not fast, it will feel much more tortuous; but like the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”

Time is currency, and these days, every minute counts.  We need to make room for spontaneous moments to take our minds away from our routine life.  Being ready to take advantage of spare time by doing something fun and exhilarating should be at the top of our priority list this summer. Hair removal is the last thing we want to think about if we were to get a last-minute invite for an epic weekend getaway.  You definitely don’t want to be suffering from fomo. Saying “Yes” to that invite with an internal smugness that says, “I only need to pack bikinis” is liberating. This time, forgetting a razor will render you completely unbothered, as your only concern will be the fabulous outfits you will be rocking in yet another destination you can check off your list.

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