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Anuel AA Responds to Alleged Diss in Tainy’s Album By Bad Bunny, Calls Out Molusco and Others

Anuel AA Responds to Alleged Diss in Tainy's Album By Bad Bunny, Calls Out Molusco and Others
Credit: Wiki Commons, Toglenn, CC BY-SA 4.0; Tony Dandrades, CC BY 3.0

Tainy, one of the most sought-after producers in the music industry, has stepped into the spotlight with his debut album, Data.  

Starting his producing career at age 14, Tainy’s creations have been enjoyed for two decades by thousands upon thousands of people. And, as expected, his first album is riddled with some of Latin music’s favorites. From Julieta Venegas to Daddy Yankee, he’s brewed up an exquisite concoction within the entirety of his album due to his genius and by marrying each song with the right featured artist. Yet, there’s already controversy around his album.  

Though his album is less than a week old, a lot of people started to speculate about his music. For example, some claimed that the lyrics featured in one of his songs, Pasatiempo, was problematic. Bad Bunny, Arcangel, Myke Towers, Omar Courtez, Arca, and Jhayco are featured in the song.  

According to some self-proclaimed music critics, Bad Bunny’s verse in the trap-esque song was a direct diss to his fellow colleague and Karol G’s most bitter ex-boyfriend, Anuel AA. The verse in question was the one where Bad Bunny says that he doesn’t need to be the king of trap because he’s beyond it.  

Find the original verse below as well as its English translation.  


Y es verdad que yo no pegué el trap (No) 

Yo no soy rey del trap (No), tampoco un dios del trap, no 

Yo soy Bad Bunny y soy má’ grande que el trap (Dime) 

Mi música vendiéndose como el crack (Dime) 

El único que saca un disco y pega to’ los track’ (Nadie sabe) 

El Conejo y Tainy son Kobe con Shaq (Tainy) 

Chequéate los número’ y verás que son facts (Dile’) 

Sin ponerle nombre a la pista (Ey) 


And it’s true that I didn’t put on trap (No)  

I’m not the king of trap (No), nor a god of trap, no  

I’m Bad Bunny and I’m bigger than trap (Tell ’em)  

My music selling like crack (Tell ’em)  

The only one who releases an album and all the tracks hit (Nobody knows)  

The Bunny and Tainy are Kobe with Shaq (Tainy)  

Check the numbers and you’ll see that they’re facts (Tell ’em)  

Without putting a name to the track (Ey) 

Anuel Reacts to ‘Pasiempre’

Of course, many felt that this was a direct attack on the Real Hasta La Muerte artist because he claims to be the king of trap. So, despite most artists not commenting when the public is speculating, it seems that the comments got to him. (Brrr.) 

Not only did it get to him, but he also allegedly reached out to Bad Bunny himself via DMs and asked him about the situation. Then, he shared the conversation for the world to see.  

As per his apparent DMs with the world’s most famous artist, he messaged “Enserio?” which translates to “are you serious?” 

After that message was sent, El Conejo responded and reassured his buddy that there was only respect and love towards him.  

Find the original message below as well as its English translation. 


“¿En serio qué? Chico, Anuel, yo no te he faltado el respeto ni he dicho nada negativo de ti para que me digas hipócrita. Las cosas positivas en buena forma y de respeto que siempre te he dicho a ti son las mismas que digo donde sea que voy. Pregunta donde sea si en algún momento yo he hablado mal de ti por ahí…JAMAS. No dejes que la gente monte pila que esa barra es inspirada pa’ los podcasteros, y gente del género que he visto hablando menospreciado mi aportación al trap. Vamos a hacer música es lo que tenemos que hacer y romper la calle. Aquí no hay odio ni nunca lo habrá, real.” 


“Seriously, what? Dude, Anuel, I haven’t disrespected you or said anything negative about you for you to call me a hypocrite. The positive things I’ve always said to you in a respectful manner are the same things I say wherever I go. Ask anyone if I’ve ever spoken badly about you… NEVER. Don’t let people fuel the fire, that verse was just inspired by podcasters and people in the genre who I’ve seen downplay my contribution to trap. Let’s make music, that’s what we have to do and take to the streets. There’s no hate here and there never will be, for real.” 

Molusco and Others Were Called Out

That interaction prompted Anuel to screenshot it and post it on his social media. However, he did continue to add salt to the wound as he called out well-known media personalities, such as Molusco, Chente, and Alofoke. 


“Lo dijo él mismo. Ahí ven. Esa tiraera no es para mi, quizás es para Molusco y Chente o tal vez Alofoke, no sé pero bueno, pa’ los que hacen podcast.” 


“He said it himself. There you go. That diss track isn’t for me, maybe it’s for Molusco and Chente or maybe Alofoke, I don’t know, but well, for those who do podcasts,” wrote Anuel AA. 

So, though the battle between Bad Bunny and Anuel seems to be put to rest (for now), it is evident that Anuel is still mordido because he had to call out these public figures – and by name.  

Some might see that as a bit too much from his end, but we can’t forget that he’s “real hasta muerte.” 

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