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Bad Bunny Sues a Fan for Streaming Concert in Utah and Is Asking For $150K Per Video: ‘¿Tú No Ves Que Yo Soy Caro?’ 

The Bad Bunny Debacle: Why Are People Disappointed in Him?
Credit: Instagram/ Screenshot @badbunnypr

Bad Bunny is making the world talk again, but this time it’s not with his chart-topping hits— it’s with a legal battle against a fan. In true Pisces’ nature, he has sued a fan, Eric Guillermo Madronal Garrone, alleging that Garrone unlawfully uploaded concert footage to his YouTube channel, MADforliveMUSIC, without authorization. 

In a recent lawsuit, Bad Bunny claims that Garrone attended his February 21st concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, and recorded several full-length performances, subsequently sharing them on his YouTube channel. The issue, as Bad Bunny sees it, lies in the unauthorized use of his music and likeness, which has allegedly diverted attention and revenue from his official YouTube page. 

Despite attempts to address the matter through standard takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Bad Bunny asserts that Garrone persisted in reposting the videos after YouTube initially removed them. Left with no recourse, Bad Bunny has now resorted to legal action to safeguard his intellectual property rights. Now, the Boricua star is asking $150,000 for each of the videos posted. And, if other damages were incurred, Bad Bunny’s team is going to make sure Garrone responds.  

According to TMZ, the videos on Garrone’s channel were taken down, except footage featuring the concert orchestra that preceded Bad Bunny’s performance. 

What Does This Mean for Bad Bunny’s Fans?

The dispute raises questions about the boundaries of fan engagement and the rights of artists to control the dissemination of their work. While short clips of Bad Bunny’s concert have proliferated on platforms like TikTok, the issue becomes murkier when entire performances are shared without consent. 

Bad Bunny’s lawsuit seeks not only an injunction to prevent Garrone from further posting unauthorized content but also substantial financial compensation for the alleged damages incurred. With the outcome pending, fans are left wondering about the implications for future concert experiences and the balance between artistic expression and copyright protection. 

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