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Rita Moreno Talks About America Ferrera During the Oscars – And Reminds Everyone of Ferrera’s Impact on the World

The ‘Barbie’ Snubs at the Oscars Is Disappointing – But Let’s Not Forget That the Latina Star, America Ferrera, Received Her First Oscar Nomination
Credit: Instagram (screenshot): @americaferrera

America Ferrera continues to capture the hearts of Latinas everywhere. Recently, the Honduran American actress received a well-deserved nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category for her portrayal of Gloria in “Barbie” at the prestigious Oscars ceremony. 

Despite not winning the award, Ferrera’s impact was palpable throughout the evening. During the 2024 Oscars, the legendary Rita Moreno – and the first Latina to reach EGOT status – delivered an emotional tribute to Ferrera, highlighting her significant contributions to the film industry and the Latino community.  

Moreno said the following of Ferrera during the Academy Awards: 

“America, your powerful Barbie monologue is perhaps the most talked-about moment in the most talked-about movie of the past year. Your words and the passion with which you delivered them about the most impossible standards females must try to live up to galvanized not only women but everyone with a pulse.” 

The Best Supporting Actress category showcased Ferrera’s talent alongside other remarkable performers. While Da’Vine Joy Randolph ultimately took home the much-sought-after Academy Award for her role in “The Holdovers,” Ferrera’s nomination alone marked a historic moment for Latina representation at the Oscars. 

America Ferrera Will Forever Be a Winner in Her Community’s Eyes

Even though Ferrera may not have secured the trophy, her legacy remains untarnished. With a career spanning decades, Ferrera’s influence extends far beyond the silver screen.  

Her unwavering dedication to her craft and her commitment to empowering Latinas through platforms like Poderistas, an online network she co-founded, solidify her status as a true queen in the entertainment and media industry. 

If there’s one thing for sure is that Ferrera will have a lasting impact on our community for ages. Though the trophy didn’t go home with her, Ferrera’s enduring influence and boundless talent ensure her place among the stars. Besides, she’s a winner in our eyes – and in the eyes of her community.  

So, here’s to America Ferrera, ¡te queremos mucho! 

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