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BELatina’s Weekly Recap: Empowering Latina Authors, Black Panther, Grupo Firme, and More

Happy Friday, everyone!

We hope everyone’s in a balanced mental state and in cheerful spirits today. We know we are (well, at least trying to be despite everything happening in the world now). We can already smell the fresh fir of Christmas trees, cinnamon spice candles, and baked apple pies around the corner! 

This week we covered Latine magic across the industries, including Latina authors, the brilliant Latine actors who represented us, and the Indigenous communities on “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” as well as the healing roles of George and Mayan Lopez in their new show.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into what you might’ve missed this week!

Latina Author Cleyvis Natera Explores Gentrification In Her New Novel and How it Disproportionately Affects Our Community

Latina Author Cleyvis Natera Explores Gentrification In Her New Novel belatina latine

As you may know, we’ve been featuring talented Latine authors that are participating at this year’s Miami Book Fair 2022, which is taking place from November 13 to November 20 at Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus.

This week we featured Cleyvis Natera’s “Neruda on the Park.” “Neruda on the Park” is a fiction novel that tells the overlapping story of gentrification and mother-daughter conflicts – two commonalities that affect many of us in real life. 

5 Cast Members Representing the Latine Community in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

After the release and success of Marvel’s first Black Panther film in 2018 – and the cultural significance it established by having a Black cast in an industry where historically excluded communities are usually underrepresented – there was no doubt that a second movie was going to be highly anticipated. 

Fast forward to 2022, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” hit the theaters on November 10, and —as expected— lack of representation was not the hot topic. This time, Latine actors joined the superhero sequel, broadening the panorama and impacting all those with Hispanic backgrounds who have never felt identified with comic book characters.

These are the cast members who are contributing to paving the way for Latine representation in Hollywood, especially in películas de superhéroes.

George and Mayan Lopez Find Healing in their New Roles

Instagram: @mayanlopez

George Lopez and his daughter, Mayan Lopez, are in a new NBC sitcom titled “Lopez vs Lopez”. The show is about a father and daughter rekindling their relationship after not speaking much for a few years. Similar to “The George Lopez Show,” the new NBC sitcom is inspired by real-life experiences between the father and daughter co-stars and is filmed in front of a live audience. 

Mayan Lopez shared thoughts on the show being inspired by her relationship with her dad.

Grupo Firme Will Perform During the NFL Game in Mexico City

Credit: Instagram

Latines are doing amazing things — they always have.

However, it has not been until recent times that our talent, our art, our music, and our work have been widely recognized in various parts of the world and on different platforms. 

The Regional Mexican banda Grupo Firme is the perfect example of success and recognition for the Latine community as they’ve achieved yet another milestone. 

The music group will be performing in the halftime show during a National Football League (NFL) game in Mexico City that will take place on Monday, November 21.

’Wanderess,’ The Women’s Travel Guide Changing the Way We Embark on Adventures, Was Written by a Latina

Instagram: @niknakvargas @wanderessbook

“Wanderess” is a women’s travel guide written by Colombiana Nikki Vargas and Elise Fitzsimmons. 

The book’s pages are filled with information that is both fun, but also extremely valuable. While your eyes immerse in its words, you’ll bump into checklists, quizzes, and different sorts of tips: all created by women for women.

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