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’Wanderess,’ The Women’s Travel Guide Changing the Way We Embark on Adventures, Was Written by a Latina

’Wanderess,’ The Women’s Travel Guide Changing the Way We Embark on Adventures, Was Written by a Latina
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Traveling, exploring new cities, eating at different restaurants, and enjoying coffee shops is the way to my heart. 

I’m always looking for a new adventure, scrolling through TikTok hoping to get some vacation ideas or finding an excuse to go to a concert so that I can explore more of life — because it is too short, after all. 

As a Latina traveler, I’ve found that the travel tips that have worked best for me come from different women I follow on social media. 

One day, while I was taking a quick lunch break before going back to work, I bumped into an Instagram account that grabbed my attention immediately. The cover photo was super colorful, and the bio had the words “women” and “travel” in bold.

That’s how I discovered Wanderess.

Who is behind ‘Wanderess’?

Wanderess is a women’s travel guide written by Colombiana Nikki Vargas and Elise Fitzsimmons. 

I placed my order not knowing what to expect, and as soon as I got my copy and started reading, I felt more empathetic toward all my fellow women travelers. 

The book’s pages are filled with information that is both fun, but also extremely valuable. While your eyes immerse in its words, you’ll bump into checklists, quizzes, and different sorts of tips: all created by women for women.

Whether you are traveling solo, are flying pregnant, or are looking for the best advice for LGBTQ+ travelers, this guide has it all.  

Wanderess features expert tips from leading women in the travel industry. You’ll find everything you need to experience life-changing adventures, both near and far,” the book description reads.

For me, these pages hold a small treasure waiting to be discovered by every woman who enjoys going out on an adventure. Especially those who could feel vulnerable because of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, or because they just became – or are about to become – new moms.

The fact that one Latina is behind this empowering guide, as a Latina myself, makes me feel safer and at ease. It’s like an hermana, prima, or even tia speaking wisdom to you. 

Every time I open my Wanderess book, I know I’m holding a piece that reassures me — a valuable treasure. Since reading it, I now make sure to implement its lessons and follow it during my viajecitos.

As the holidays approach, safe – y muy informados – travels to all of you!

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