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Hello Bright Eyes: 5 Spring Makeup Lewks You Need to Learn How to Rock

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As the weather hits above 60, we’re ready to shed the puffer and head outdoors for some well-deserved fun.  We’ve been cooped up all winter and we’d accept almost any invitation for an al fresco event. But as our social calendars pick up steam, so does our need for that B12 shot, as exhaustion and susceptibility to watery eyes and runny noses kick in during the high pollen season we call springtime.

Now we have to come up with a plan so we don’t actually look like our faces took a beating from Mother Nature (you allergy sufferers know what I’m talking about). This spring we got you covered. Here are a few makeup tricks we can do to fight back and let her know we won’t take any mess. Runny mascara and smeared liner is not an option this time.  

5 Coral Combo

When we think of corals, the Caribbean comes to mind, followed by thoughts of our next vacation. Seafoam green, aqua blue and pink sand sound dreamy and serve as the perfect inspiration for an eye look that will match that floral print backless dress you already have mentally packed. With this look, heavy black liner is not needed; just a thin line with liquid liner pen would do the trick. The focal point here should be the amazing colors that grace your well primed lids. Beach vacations are an immediate mood lifter; why not show that glee on our eyelids too.

4 Mascar-ade

Photo Credit IG @sonjdradeluxe

Our cosmetic veterans have realized that not all of us are ready for falsies, so why not make mascara that will create the same drama without the extra effort? Here’s one dope makeup artist @sonjdradeluxe showing us how that’s done using Pat McGrath Fetisheye. Glam doesn’t have to be a long process, especially when you get an unexpected invite to an event you shouldn’t dare miss.

3 All That Glitters

Photo Credit IG @herflyface

Glitter makes everything fun and exciting; it’s like a carnival in Rio De Janeiro on your eyelid. It’s better than looking like the life party — it’s like being the party yourself. Glitter on the lids is the look that says, “I’m ready to have a good time and nothing is going to kill my vibe.”

2 Eyes 4 You

Photo Credit IG @clarinsofficial

When you see a 4 color makeup palette, chances are you can use them all in one look.  Four colors may seem excessive on one tiny lid, but when they are blended you can go from basic to extraordinary in a snap. It’s like that multi-ways wrap dress most of us have in our closet that has become a vacation staple. You know, the one that can be worn as a halter or a strapless? Think of this palette in that way and try out as many combinations you think could work for you. You can even throw in a highlighter for your brow bone to take the look from day to night in a few finger taps. The brow bone is a great place for highlighter aside from cheeks. That little touch will have bae captivated.

1 Nothing to See Here

Photo Credit IG @clarinsofficial

The one downside of being on the social scene night after night is the aftermath of dark circles. It’s the one instance where you’re reminded of your epic night, but not in the way you would have liked. Many of us are susceptible to dark circles even if we had a quiet evening at home thanks to our DNA, as it also happens to be hereditary. No worries, we got you covered. The answer, my friends, is concealer. In cases like this, start with a color corrector, which will act as the new basis from which to build your concealer. For darker skin, use orange toned corrector and for lighter skin use pink/peach. Green is perfect for covering up the inevitable pimple/scar that, without fail, shows up on the most noticeable part of our faces; Murphy’s Law in full effect.  

Photo Credi IG @clarinsofficial

We are ready to kickoff this season with all the tools for a seamless transition into effortless chic. The subtle accents we place on our face should be just that, radiating a flawless appeal. The kind of look that makes our ex wonder what we did differently, or better yet, who (#thankyounext). We look refreshed and radiant and as the sun beams upon us, we beam right back with a glow of confidence that’s sure to remind the watchers that our “glow-up” is unstoppable.

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