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Lights, Camera, Action! Celebrity Latino Chef James Tahhan Captivates Audiences at Launch of South Florida’s Largest LED Wall

Lights, Camera, Action! Celebrity Latino Chef James Tahhan Captivates Audiences at Launch of South Florida's Largest LED Wall

Miami’s vibrant film industry is set to witness a major technological revolution with the launch of an innovative virtual production studio. GRUP MEDIAPRO, a distinguished multimedia conglomerate known for its expertise in content creation, production, and distribution, has joined forces with BrandStar Studios, a leading production company in South Florida and BELatina’s parent company. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to redefine the boundaries of TV and film production, offering immersive virtual environments and unparalleled opportunities for creative storytelling. 

The newly formed venture, aptly named ‘BrandStar Studios at GRUP MEDIAPRO,’ marks an important milestone for BrandStar, as it establishes its first studio facility in Miami-Dade County. This strategic move adds to BrandStar’s existing presence in Broward County and Lynn University’s Palm Beach County studio. 

“BrandStar is absolutely thrilled to open a facility in Miami-Dade County, expanding our services to an entirely new audience,” said Mark Alfieri, Founder & CEO of BrandStar.  

“The ability to combine our expertise of producing over 300 episode of Television and over 1,000 commercial video projects per year with GRUP MEDIAPRO’s team of industry professionals is sure to create exponential opportunities for Miami-Dade’s TV and film industry. A true win/win for all.” 

GRUP MEDIAPRO, with over 25 years of experience in the industry and a strong presence in the U.S., is renowned for its production services for esteemed entities like ESPN, CNN, beIN Sports, and more. This collaboration expands their offerings and leverages BrandStar’s expertise in real-time Virtual Production, paving the way for a groundbreaking fusion of technology and storytelling. 

James Tahhan Made Everyone Feel At Home

The inauguration of such a partnership took place on June 20th, 2023, and it was led by BELatina’s very own host, James Tahhan. He told BELatina that he had to be there as he feels a personal connection to the growth of tech in Miami. 

“Miami is now the hottest place on the planet. Everything is happening here, from Formula One to the biggest events and now film!” he said.  

Of course, as a typical Latino, Tahhan made sure all guests were warmly welcomed, which he did as he spoke to the audience. He shared laughs with the audience, spoke about his personal experience at BrandStar, and made sure he got the crowd to get loud. During his time on stage, he expressed his excitement about this new studio, mentioning various times how he doesn’t need to wake up so early to get to work since it’s closer to his home now. 

The Venezuelan Syrian entrepreneur also introduced important figures to the stage, including BrandStar’s CEO Mark Alferi, and Miami-Dade County’s Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava.  

Unleashing the Power of Virtual Reality

The attendees were met with top-of-the-line technology as soon as they walked into the studio. There was no way anyone could ignore the largest LED Wall in South Florida. It was in your face, but oh-so-beautiful. This incredible wall was designed, built, and installed by BrandStar.  

Spanning approximately 22 feet in height and 80 feet in width, this massive LED Wall will serve as the backdrop for immersive virtual environments. Equipped with Unreal Engine software, the industry’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, the studio enables real-time shooting, significantly reducing editing and post-production efforts. The LED volume employs cutting-edge technology, ensuring state-of-the-art resolution and unparalleled visual effects. 

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava expressed her eagerness about expanding the county’s film and production capabilities, emphasizing the film industry’s positive economic impact. With almost 80 percent of Florida’s TV and film production taking place in Miami-Dade County, this visionary partnership adds a new dimension to the region’s entertainment landscape. 

Senator René Garcia, County Commissioner District 13, acknowledged the significance of Miami-Dade County as an emerging hub for innovation and creativity. He highlighted the potential of virtual reality to redefine the boundaries of TV and film, offering limitless opportunities for the local workforce. 

With the launch of BrandStar Studios at GRUP MEDIAPRO, Miami’s film industry is set to witness a groundbreaking transformation. The marriage of technology and creativity promises to redefine storytelling and unlock limitless possibilities.  

Not only that, but new opportunities just opened for those looking to get into the film and TV industry. Think about what that means for our community.  

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