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El Coliseo in Puerto Rico Prepares for Bad Bunny’s Latest Listening Party

Kevin9625Ja, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Whether or not you’re ready for Bad Bunny’s new album, it’s fast-approaching. And, since he’s big on tradition, he is set on experiencing his latest music with fans. Benito is known for showing out for his people in Puerto Rico, so this is something that was almost expected. However, he’s also shared his music with his fans from around the world through Instagram Lives in the past.  

As for this year, El Conejo Malo is throwing a Listening Party in Puerto Rico’s famed arena, El Coliseo aka El Choli. 

It is of note that Benito (or should we say Ben), hasn’t confirmed his presence at the Listening Party yet.  

The Coliseo is currently the epicenter of excitement as Bad Bunny prepares to unveil his latest project to the world: “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana.” The island, already known for its music, is now buzzing with excitement as its people get ready to listen to the first notes of Bad Bunny’s newest album. 

Still, people are excited to be able to be part of this event. So, for those who reside in Puerto Rico, they will have the opportunity to obtain tickets. If we can recall last year’s event, Bad Bunny had required his fans to go to the venue’s box office to purchase the tickets. This year, on the other hand, is more flexible as he is allowing his fans to purchase tickets online through Ticketera. According to Primera Hora, the event will be restricted to attendees aged 18 and above. Sales are limited to a maximum of four tickets per transaction. 

Bad Bunny’s influence knows no bounds, and his decision to host the Listening Party in Puerto Rico is a homage to his roots, a way of giving back to the island that shaped his artistry. 

For the rest of his fans who are not in Puerto Rico, he has yet to release any more information regarding a virtual Listening Party – or if Puerto Rico’s Listening Party will be streamed live. At this point, “nadie sabe,” but one thing is for sure: Bad Bunny always comes through for his fans.  

Are you excited for his new album? 

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