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Empowering Latina Voices: Inside the World of ‘Las Comadres’ Podcast

There’s a new podcast in town – and it’s led by two amazing Latinas: Fernanda León and Bertha Guzmán! 

Bertha and Fernanda are the masterminds behind “Las Comadres,” which is a podcast that doesn’t just aim to entertain but to empower. In an exclusive interview with BELatina, these badass Latinas shared their journey, vision, and passion for making a difference in the lives of their community. 

As the conversation began, the energy was palpable, a shared excitement for the groundbreaking venture they had embarked upon.  

Empowering Latina Voices: Inside the World of ‘Las Comadres’ Podcast

Almost immediately, the podcasters highlighted what the foundation of their podcast was – and that is heart.  

Bertha, a vibrant soul hailing from Venezuela, shared her inspiring journey. Like a lot of immigrant Latinas, she’s taken up a few roles in her life to achieve her dreams. Her narrative unfolded a tale of resilience, determination, and reinvention. From practicing law in Venezuela for seven years to a budding entrepreneur in Brazil, Bertha’s journey is an example of the perseverance Latinas embody. She also spoke of her struggles and triumphs, encapsulating the essence of the immigrant experience. 

“Like any immigrant, I arrived there, didn’t know anyone, didn’t speak the language well, and worked for a while as a waitress,” Guzmán said.  

While trying to find her purpose in Brazil, she decided to dive into marketing.  

“I had dabbled a bit while I was in Venezuela, spending some time in radio, always assisting entrepreneurs. I was focusing on having my own blog, appearing on radio, and helping entrepreneurs to move their businesses forward,” the Venezuelan multi-hyphenated woman explained. 

“At that time, I was advising them from a legal perspective, not from a marketing point of view. Then the opportunity arose for me to work in marketing. That’s where my career started.” 

Once she moved to the United States, she started her own agency, created marketing content, and made sure to find ways to support Latina entrepreneurs. 

Fernanda, who has contributed for BELatina in the past, brought her unique perspective to the table as well. Born in Mexico, this Latina has worked her way through media these past years. She has experience working in Telemundo, a radio show in Mexico, and a Canadian platform that was like Buzzfeed. Though she found success in this career path, she was faced with the drawbacks of the current economy. From layoffs to other cuts in these companies, she felt it was time for something new. It’s due to these types of experiences that she decided to go harder on her entrepreneurship.  

“I feel like that positioned me and directed me towards Berta, and that’s how the podcast was born,” Fernanda said.  

How ‘Las Comadres’ Was Born

Fernanda and Bertha have yet to meet in real life. But, after getting immersed into the virtual world due to the pandemic – does anyone need to meet in person anymore?  

“We have been getting to know each other along the way and have conversations on WhatsApp where Fernanda is like, ‘Hey, do you like this?’ or ‘What do you do on weekends?’ and ‘What are you like?’ Just getting to know each other,” Bertha added.  

Though they haven’t gotten that chance to meet in a more traditional manner, they did hit it off almost immediately. Everything transpired as Fernanda jumped on an Instagram Live that Bertha was conducting.  

Bertha was talking about the nuggets of wisdom she likes to give to her followers – and this made Fernanda stumble upon the podcast idea. With Bertha’s expertise in marketing – and having a great story on her hands –, and Fernanda using her special career journey as a Latina, they knew people were missing a space for Latinas with similar viewpoints and life experiences. They both knew they had a story to share – but beyond that, they knew many other Latinas have stories that also deserve to be shared. That is when they decided to launch “Las Comadres.”   

The name “Las Comadres” holds significance beyond its literal translation. It was a representation of the deep-rooted bonds within the Latina community. Comadre, or girlfriend as it would be translated in English, aims to give the audience a sense of familiarity.  

“The term ‘comadres,’ is not something that young people may use, but everyone knows what a comadre is,” León said when asked about the name of the podcast. 

“When you say ‘ay compadre comadre,’ whether you’re Latina, whether you’re from Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, everyone knows what it is, right?” 

Their decision to name the podcast “Las Comadres” reflected their desire to create a space where serious topics could be discussed with the authenticity and warmth of a conversation between friends. They emphasized the importance of approaching heavy subjects in a manner that felt relatable, like a heart-to-heart chat with a trusted friend. 

Their dedication to authenticity and genuine connection was evident in every aspect of their podcast, from content creation to production.  

“We took the time to create everything that was our brand personality, which is different from Fernanda’s and different from Berta’s,” Bertha said. “So, it’s the combination of both of us, ‘Las Comadres,’ is a product that shines on its own and has its own personality.” 

“Las Comadres” stands as a beacon of genuine conversation and meaningful dialogue.  

Bertha’s background in marketing and Fernanda’s experience in media complemented each other seamlessly, allowing them to tackle obstacles with finesse. From disagreements to technical challenges, they navigated the complexities of podcasting with resilience and grace. 

‘Las Comadres’ Want Everyone to Thrive in Their Lives

Their advice to fellow Latina entrepreneurs and moms was infused with wisdom and encouragement. Bertha wears a lot of hats – and one of them is being a mom. So, this venture is something that nourishes her soul and that of her family. She further emphasized the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and seeing obstacles as stepping stones to success. “Your child is going to see a happy, prosperous, productive mom who also enjoys being their mother.” 

Fernanda added to that message by saying: Latinas could achieve greatness, pursue their passions, and create meaningful content, all while being authentic and unapologetically themselves. 

The journey of “Las Comadres” is a testament to the strength of Latinas, reminding the world that when empowered voices come together, they can create waves of change, one podcast episode at a time.

You can catch “Las Comadres” every Friday on Spotify and YouTube.

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