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Number Ninjas: How Older Latina Women Masterfully Own Their Age

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Decades ago, the age of 50 signified the end for a woman. You might as well have accepted your status as a spinster. An unmarried woman with no history of past marriages. The label of divorcee would have been more glamorous, certainly less insulting. Thankfully, times are changing as we shift to a modern older and empowered woman not ashamed of her number. Booming with active careers, as they are fit and bold while stealthily, carrying age with grace and pride. These are the number-ninjas we are emboldened by because they own who they are, unapologetically.

Today, women like Jennifer Lopez (50), Rita Moreno (87), Raquel Welch (77), Salma Hayek (51), Sonia Braga (69) and Halle Berry (52). The list of these stunning and successful women goes on because not only are we living longer. We are pursuing our best self, breaking physical and professional barriers. Encouraging more women to lead lives according to their true desires instead of their age. Age is nothing but a number that has limited us for too long, having us believe we have to stop thriving when we step into menopause.

Images of older Latina women are being featured in print and media now, more than ever. The ageless beauties leave us to wonder about how realistic is it to aspire to drink from the same fountain of youth. Can it be that Latinos as a whole are aging less rapidly than other racial groups? Or is the difference in the personal staffed trainers, nutritionists and wellness coaches hired by celebrities creating an environment conducive to the overall health of these women? My online research was slightly inconclusive leading me to believe that a combination of the two drives the best results. Although genetics play a part in aging, it seems the common thread among many of these women is self-care.

Rita Moreno BELatina Mastering your age
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We cannot stop aging but we might be able to slow it down. Carrying your number elegantly takes effort but it is not impossible. These few simple steps might offer an improvement over time if you are consistent. Taking care of yourself is a priority. Show your body love by decompressing from life’s craziness. It is essential to recycle bad energy by using exercise and meditation to balance the mind and body. Finding a center to keep you grounded will help reduce stress which is a buzzkill that can suck the youth out of you. Eliminate caffeine, cigarettes and excessive drinking from the menu of your life. Replenish with water and a clean diet to help reset your system. Treating yourself like a temple isn’t just a catchphrase for these women. True nurturing and connecting of the mind, body, and soul can shape beautiful work that defies age. You may too be able to elude age if willing to put in the time, work and dedication it takes to master the art of aging gracefully. 

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