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5 Things We Learned About Karol G From Molusco TV’s Interview

5 Things We Learned About Karol G From Molusco TV's Interview belatina news latine
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It’s been an exciting week for Karol G, to say the least. Early last week, she unveiled details surrounding her newest single “GATÚBELA,” featuring Plan B’s Maldy, leading up to its release on August 25. And now that the steamy music video is released, it feels like a culture shift.

Currently, the sensual video is trending at No. 1 on YouTube’s music category with more than 18 million views since its premiere – proving, yet again, the Colombian superstar’s top-notch artistry. 

Along with her new single release, Karol’s latest interview for the Puerto Rican media channel Molusco TV – hosted by Jorge Pabón –  also premiered. 

In light of her comeback, here are five details we learned from Karol G from the almost two-hour interview recorded in one of Puerto Rico’s stadiums, Hiram Bithorn. 

She was supposed to be in a DC movie.

Karol G on the big screen? Yes! Believe it or not, it was going to happen! “I was offered a role for the Aquaman movie, a super cool role,” Karol G mentioned on Molusco TV. “But the commitment was so big that I was afraid to let go, I had to stop making music for eight months, and first thing’s first. My music was the most important thing at the moment, I had to turn down that role.”

She seizes every moment in her life.

She talked about how she celebrates everything in life – from awards to dyeing her hair a different color. “I celebrate everything in my life because I don’t have my life bought, you know what I mean? I don’t know how long this moment of success I have will last, so I enjoy everything thoroughly.”

She found self-love last year.

She said: “Last year was personally a year of falling in love with myself. I feel super in love with myself. It’s something that I can’t explain, and I don’t want to sound modest, but truthfully, I have fallen in love with all my good and bad things.” This led her to fully recognize the need to change her appearance – which includes her hair dye. She said that with her new red hair, she feels more connected to her music, and with who she is inside. 

Her upcoming U.S. tour shows will last almost three hours.

If you’re Karol G’s fan, you know her tour begins on September 6 in Rosemont, IL. During the Molusco TV interview, she revealed that her new show will last about two hours and forty-five minutes to three hours. How’s that for an evening with La Bichota? We know we’re ready!

Karol G wants to learn Portuguese next.

She told Molusco: “I want to learn another language, I want to learn Portuguese, it calls a lot of my attention. Let’s see how it goes, you’ll hear [me speak] Portuguese with my accent from Medellín.”

Watch the full interview with Molusco TV below.

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