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Origins Skincare Just Got More Inclusive

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We are truly entering the golden age of inclusive products and ideals in the beauty industry, with brands like Fenty Beauty developing inclusive skin tone-matching shades and color ways that complement an actual range of complexions. The skincare sector is taking its cue from this shift (and popularity) in inclusivity, keying in on consumers that had once been ignored or overlooked. Rather than catering to the aspirational standard of beauty that we find in the media, skincare lines are finally recognizing their own need to expand the range of skin types that their products serve. 

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Origins is one of the more recognizable brands hoping to also become one of the most inclusive skincare brands with their new formulations of acne treatments, tested on a range of skin types and colors — products that explicitly were designed to reach a younger, more diverse group of consumers. According to Glossy, the skincare company’s Clear Improvement Active Charcoal line recently added a new, matte-finish moisturizer to the mix in order to fight acne while addressing the range of skin issues that acne-sufferers face; after all, different ethnicities can tend to have different qualities to their skin. For example, Latinx skin types may tend to be oilier than Caucasian skin types, so the fact that the company has developed a moisturizing product with that in mind could be a game-changer for its consumers. 

Origins has also honed in on inclusive marketing as a way to expand the company’s reach. The Latinx community should expect to see Origins video ads this summer on Hola.com that feature Latina models talking about their unique skin gripes. A spokesperson told Glossy, “It’s not rocket science [to be inclusive], but it goes a long way to see yourself represented in a brand.” 

Earlier this year, actress Prinyaka Chopra teamed up with boutique skincare brand Obagi to push for inclusivity in skincare. “Most high-end, luxury products are not made for people of color, so why the hell are we buying creams for ‘all skin types’?” she pointed out to ELLE. Chopra shared her personal frustrations with not being able to buy a product off the shelf that worked for her. “That was the biggest hindrance that I had with beauty all of my life.” Alicia Keys, Ayesha Curry, Sofia Carson, and Drew Barrymore are also fans of Obagi’s line of products, according to Paper Magazine. Beyond selling products to consumers, Chopra and Obagi are working together for an initiative called SKINCLUSION, which aims to educate the public about skin tone bias and cultural diversity.

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