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Mejor Lo Hago Yo: It’s Never Too Late to Perfect Your Plumbing Skills with NIBCO

If there is one thing that characterizes us Latinas, it is our conviction that it is always better to solve things ourselves. The best example is Karent Sierra, who upon seeing a leak in her outdoor plumbing, decided to take matters into her own hands during the last episode of BELatina TV. Chef James could not even dissuade her. She was set in her way.  

Despite not being the savviest with plumbing skills, Sierra repeated the Latina mantra many of us are familiar with: Mejor lo hago yo. She expressed discomfort at first, but things took a nice turn shortly after. 

When it comes to plumbing, it’s normal to feel intimidated. However, with the right products and tools, fixing things in your home is a piece of cake. This is why we used only the best, which comes from NIBCO.

If you don’t believe us, ask Sierra. She fixed her plumbing thanks to NIBCO(R) Wrot Racer(R) Push fittings and NIBCO® Press fittings and valves that are made of 99.9 percent pure copper and provide a watertight seal – and they were easy to install.

Thinking of plumbing can have us thinking of flame, solder, or flux, but that’s not the case with NIBCO® Press fittings and valves — they are known for their easy-to-install characteristics; all Karent did was apply pressure from a pressing tool. The NIBCO Wrot Racer Push fittings didn’t even require a tool — they simply slid into place for a fast, secure connection. 

Truly, it was as simple as eating one of Chef James’ culinary creations. 

So, by using NIBCO® products and tools, Sierra was able to fix a leaky outdoor shower at her home. It was done en un dos por tres (this roughly translates to “in a jiffy”).

It is 2022 and there’s a conscious effort to move things forward because our voices are stronger than ever. Women, for instance, have made giant strides that would be frowned upon just less than a century ago — women are now the masters of DIY. 

After all, with single women dominating the housing market, DIY skills are becoming a must – which is something that can be bragged about too. 

It’s no longer necessary to feel paralyzed by the thought of DIY plumbing tasks around the house. Besides, if BELatina TV’s host, Karent Sierra can do it, anyone can do it. 

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on her comment in a prior episode where she said she had what people might call “pre-DIY” skills? It might’ve raised a few eyebrows then, but fast forward to the following episode and her DIY has increased tremendously. Now, that’s a success story!

This should give you an idea of how beneficial NIBCO® products can be, especially if you are using these products and tools at home. 

All in all, “¡si, se puede!” 

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