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How to Look Runway Ready for the Holiday Party at La Sala

The holidays are here! The scent of joy is lingering in the air, traditional baked goods are constantly near us, and family gatherings are all approaching. 

But a family gathering for the Latino culture is more than spending time with your loved ones and eating delicious food. Yes, it’s so much more. It’s also a fashion show. 



Whether your family’s holiday party is in a sala or a patio, what you wear is of the utmost importance. Las tias will be watching as you make your entrance through their runway, which usually runs from the living room to the kitchen. 

So, without a doubt, a lot of planning must take place to find the perfect look. And this year is no exception.  

As all of us enjoy the first holiday season without restrictions after two years, the itch to show up with the best of the best is ever-present. Also, the pressure is on; all the primas will be reaching for that “best dressed” award that only comes from a tia’s or abuela’s, “que linda te ves” comment. 

Now, the question is, how do you kill it at your family’s holiday party runway this navidad? With so many new styles to try and with Y2K fashion making a comeback, it’s important to know how to put everything together – the right way. From knowing how to do your hair to accessorizing that cute dress you want to show up with, there’s a lot to take into consideration. 

We recently spoke with Ann Deal, the founder of Fashion Forms, who’s been key to many awards ceremony outfits, such as the Oscars, and she gave us intel on how to look runway ready this holiday. Simply put, Deal’s understanding of fashion is chef’s kiss impressive and we learned so much from her. 

She told us that at the Oscars, she’d always wondered what they wore under their dresses — and found a solution.

So, let us get you started on how you can be super runway ready for the party at la sala this holiday season!

Don’t neglect your hair

Maybe we are no longer in the season to get hair-dos like the ones the late Selena Quintanilla used to wear, but your hair definitely deserves some love – especially if it’s going to help you bring your fiercest catwalk strut to the party. Try some deep waves by wrapping a t-shirt on your hair or dying it a funky, Karol-G-esque color. That’ll leave la familia talking for ages. 

Supermodels use the best lingerie – and so should you

An outfit is not complete unless you have the right undergarments. Wearing the wrong thing underneath can wash away a runway-worthy look – and you don’t want that. One thing that we know happens more often than not is bra straps peeking out of our outfits. Yet, even strapless bras are an issue if there’s a backless piece you’d be dying to wear, but can’t do so without proper support. In fact, these are thoughts many supermodels and celebrities had before the creation of the adhesive bra, which was spearheaded by Fashion Forms, the same company that brought visibility to the original water bra. 

Ann Deal, the founder of Fashion Forms, had the bright idea to tie in lingerie and fashion from her time spent at the Academy Awards – a place that can, too, be seen as an ultimate runway. Her vision brought the world backless, strapless adhesive bras and the rest is history. 

Meaning, that this navidad you can feel confident wearing a dress with a deep plunge or a backless shirt. Your family will be in awe at how well your outfit looks  (and stays in place) as you’re dancing cumbia, salsa, merengue, and getting as festive as can be this year. 

We know Fashion Forms’ bras are reliable for a fact as BELatina TV had a mini runway show during their latest episode. It was a spectacle, to say the least. It was great to see that even the curviest of women can rock Fashion Forms. Karent Sierra, the host of BELatina TV, even sat down with Deal to speak about the amazing contribution she’s had to women’s fashion – and she has also been using Fashion Forms’ adhesive bras for years. 

It was a full-circle effect for sure – and we loved to see it!

Don’t show up empty-handed

Your outfit may be out of this world, but it won’t matter if you show up with nothing. Our suggestion is to take a tray of homemade empanadas, a bottle of coquito, or even utensils to get you started off on the right foot. Otherwise, las tias chismosas will only focus on you not making an effort for the family’s holiday party. It’s happened to the best of us though, so don’t feel bad if this has been you at some point. Some things are learned as we get older – and now we can teach the new generations para que no pasen pena. 

Being a supermodel for our family gatherings is quite the experience, especially if it’s the holiday party, but let it be known that this year is everyone’s year. 

Get runway ready with Fashion Forms! Click this link for more information.     

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