Home Entertainment The Winners of the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Film Festival Were Announced!

The Winners of the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Film Festival Were Announced!

The Winners of the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Film Festival Were Announced!

The narrative of the Latine community is better told by those who truly understand the culture – by Latine filmmakers, directors, videographers, and more. There’s no question about it. Proper representation validates the community’s varied experiences, especially after being denied a seat at the table for so long.  

It is now that Latines in media are getting more recognition than ever before. (Maybe now films taking place in Mexico and other Latin American countries will not have a Sepia filter over them.) 

Understanding the importance of elevating the Latine community’s talents, ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Film Festival, an initiative of HITN-TV, a  Spanish-language media company, provided aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to amplify their voices and work towards creating a more inclusive film industry.

For months, the ¡Tú Cuentas! Festival received a multitude of submissions. Not only were these creatives getting the chance to showcase their talent in its most authentic form, but there was also the potential of a cash prize tied to their submission. Winners of the film festival would receive the following cash prizes: $4,000 (Grand Prize), $2,000 (Second Prize), and $1,000 (Third Prize).

In addition, the best entries were set for viewing during the film festival at CineYouthFest.org and on the HITN GO app. 

I can only imagine that the selection process was grueling considering the amount of talent these Latine emerging filmmakers brought to the table. 

But the wait is over. The winners of the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Film Festival are in! 

The winners of 2022’s ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Film Festival

On October 16, 2022, the festival announced its three winners: Guillermo Casarin (first prize), Andrew Reid (second prize), and Emilio Miguel Torres (third prize).

The ever-talented filmmakers’ work gave a compelling insight into different Latine narratives. 

The grand prize winner, Casarin, submitted Bad Hombrewood, which is a provocative and timely exploration of the challenges that Latine filmmakers face while trying to succeed in Hollywood. 

Andrew Reid, who won second place, submitted Noche del Infierno, a film that tells the story of three freshman pledges who must work together to overcome cultural stereotypes and solve a challenging test in order to gain acceptance into a prestigious Latina sorority, reports the festival’s Instagram. 

As for Torres, the third winner, his film, The Fix, highlights the struggles that many working parents face. He transports his audience into the world of these parents who try to find balance in their lives.  

We congratulate the winners of the film festival and hope to continue to see more of their work in the future!

Remember, no step in closing the representation gap is ever too small. 

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