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Bad Bunny’s ‘Me Porto Bonito’ Turned a ‘Taquería’ Into a Club for a Minute

Bad Bunny’s ‘Me Porto Bonito’ Turned a ‘Taquería’ Into a Club for a Minute Belatina latine

Let’s not deny it. One of the best things about being Latine and having a good time out at a bar or a club is the late-night cravings that lead us to bomb taquerías. You know, the ones that are open past 1 a.m.? Yes, a lot of us flock there like nobody’s business. 

The much-needed tacos, flautas, or burritos sometimes taste even better if the restaurant has a good ambiance and music. 

And speaking about great ambiance, a taquería in El Paso, Texas, recently caught some social media attention after many of the patrons basically turned the place into a club for a few minutes when Bad Bunny’s “Me Porto Bonito” song featuring Chencho Corleone came on during a weekend night.

The mini Conejo Malo after-party took place at “El Cometa,” a local restaurant known for being the right place-to-go-to after a long night of having fun partying in “El Chuco” — the nickname for El Paso.

The previously mentioned clip shows a packed taquería with dozens of people singing “pa’ que to’ el mundo vea lo rica que tú esta’, que tú esta’, contigo tengo que apretar. Y en la calle ando suelto, pero por ti me quito. SI tú me lo pides yo me porto bonito.”

Having fun at a taquería thanks to Bad Bunny

While some were singing, others were eating, laughing, joining the fun, or even taking their phone out to record this unexpected and perky moment.

Un Verano Sin Ti will have Latinos on a choke hold for the next 18 months,” an Instagram user wrote in the comment section, and we couldn’t agree more.

It’s been nearly seven months since Benito released his album Un Verano Sin Ti on May 6, 2022, and I can say that I’m almost positive that at least one of his 23 tracks has been played in a lot of bars, restaurants, reunions, events, and parties around the world.

Watching videos like these make my heart happy. In a world where social media usually shows us fights, arguments, and all sorts of drama surrounding nights out, a clip where la comunidad Latine in Texas is enjoying their time having some food and loudly singing to a Bad Bunny song is really a fresh breath of air. 

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