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Si Señor: Everything You Need to Know About Makeup for Men

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Newsflash: makeup is not just for women. Sometimes men need us to share the love with a few items from our makeup bag. Why should we hog all the beauty secrets? We need to teach our guys to take care of their skin, too. Their skin is crying for some TLC as much, just like ours. Not only is it begging to be quenched, but they too have skin issues that should be addressed. There was a void in the market dedicated to men’s skin care needs for quite some time. A few companies have emerged, like “War Paint for Men,” which have given some much needed focus to men’s skin.

After all, men’s skin certainly has its own set of requirements. Gentlemen, don’t fret, we have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about makeup for your skin needs.


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This time I’m not talking about news coverage, but the method by which you should cover that pimple scar, or those dark circles you got from way too much clubbing on the weekend. Sure, you had fun on that three-day weekend you planned out for months. But now it’s Monday morning and what happened in Vegas seems to be lingering on your face. Your boss doesn’t have to know that you literally just landed and you rushed home to change for work. We have the antidote to cover up your partying ways.

It is one makeup item us beauty gurus can’t live without, CONCEALER. Yes, concealer will be your new best friend.It’s a must add to your grooming kit. You can apply it under your eyes to completely eliminate the dark circles and a bonus is that it helps to shrink your pores. Giving you that smooth, well-groomed to perfection look we know you strive for daily.

The Three B’s

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No, It doesn’t stand for Big, Black & Beautiful, but I could see why that would cross your mind. It’s Blemish Balm (BB cream) and Bronzers. It’s very important to moisturize, but during those times when you have a few pimple scars that seem to linger, BB Cream is your secret weapon. Since hydrating is a must, why not cover up those pesky zit marks while you’re at it. All BB creams have tint that you can match to your skin tone. It’s not heavy like foundation so you are less likely to mess up your white button down, if you allow it to dry. In fact, If you use a primer, prior to applying BB cream, you’ll find it won’t transfer to your clothes. A light dust of translucent powder will also seal the deal. Another bonus of BB cream is that most of them have built in sunscreen so you’ve covered three skin requirements in one, moisturizer, coverage and sun protection. Very little effort is needed and gives you more time to focus on the perfect hair day.  

Now that your face is taken care of, what can we do about your body?  The answer is in the bronzer. It’s summer and you have a pool party to attend. You’ve worked all winter on those six-pack abs and you want to make the big reveal at the biggest party of the summer. The best compliment to those eye-popping abs is bronzer. This will highlight every dip and curve of that well sculpted torsos you worked so hard to attain. Why not give it special attention and smooth on some bronzer to make them stand out. Even a trophy needs to be polished every once in a while.

Lip Balm

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We like a man who stays ready. You never know when you might need to put those lips to good use.  I dare say, lip balm is always necessary. Never leave home without it, especially in the dry winter weather where we all are susceptible to dry cracked lips. Lip balms are on a whole new level of lip care. You can even wear it as a conditioning mask after that lip scrub you did before bed. I promise you’ll wake up thanking me. You will never have such kissable soft lips like the ones after a scrub and lip mask. Not only will you be thanking me, but so will your significant other. Guys, just trust me on this one

No matter the occasion, wear that makeup with pride. We all want to freely express ourselves, and like women, many men take their grooming very seriously.  Their skin needs should never take a back seat to ours. We love that they care and we hope more makeup companies make the investment, as flawless skin looks good on both genders and everyone in between.

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