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Fans Chanted ‘Ferxxo’ As They Waited for a Tardy Anuel AA to Come on Stage at Vibra Urbana

Vibra Urbana, the largest reggaeton festival in the United States, returned to Miami this past weekend, drawing crowds of enthusiastic Latinos eager to vibe together. Held on February 17 and 18, 2024, the two-day festival promised an electrifying lineup of some of the biggest names in the reggaeton industry, including Young Miko, Farruko, Anuel AA, Rauw Alejandro, and more. However, amid the pulsating beats and high-energy performances, there were moments of controversy and frustration. 

Saturday, the first day of the festival (and the day I attended), kicked off with a flurry of excitement and anticipation. Attendees were greeted with a vibrant display of flags representing various Latin American countries, underscoring the profound influence of Latin music on a global scale. The culinary offerings were equally diverse, with an array of Latin food vendors serving up delicacies ranging from Colombian chuzos to Venezuelan arepas, and of course, classic Cuban fare. 

Despite the festive atmosphere, there were logistical challenges that marred the experience for some festivalgoers. The will-call line snaked around the venue, resulting in long wait times of over an hour to pick up tickets. Additionally, the lack of organization before entering the festival grounds left much to be desired. Once inside, the bathroom situation was also disappointing. For those with general admission, they had to use porta-potties, which is the norm for festivals. Still, what was concerning was that the sinks placed outside of the porta-potties had no water.  

Aside from that, however, the energy was palpable, with Saturday’s lineup featuring powerhouse performances from Young Miko, Jay Wheeler, Farruko, and Anuel AA.  

VIbra Urbana 2024 stage

Perreo Intenso Took Place All Night Long

Though I couldn’t watch Young Miko as closely as I would’ve liked, she sounded phenomenal and looked beyond amazing on the big screen. I hope she understands that her performance made it more clear how she’s everyone’s imaginary girlfriend, including mine. 

After her, Farruko and Jay Wheeler made it to the stage. Though both artists were great, Farruko’s performance sparked intrigue and speculation prior to getting on. Known for his eclectic blend of reggaeton and diverse themes, there was uncertainty surrounding the direction of his set. Would it lean towards his newfound Christian roots or embrace the festival’s promise of “perreo intenso”? 

To the delight of many fans, Farruko kicked off his set with some of his classic hits, igniting the crowd with irresistible rhythms perfect for un perreito. Despite his past reservations about certain songs, he even treated the audience to “Pepas,” a track that had previously drawn criticism. The unexpected inclusion was met with enthusiastic approval; everyone went wild.  



Anuel Gets Booed by Restless Fans

The evening took an interesting turn with Anuel AA’s delayed appearance on stage. As the minutes turned into over an hour of waiting, frustration grew among the crowd. Chants of “Ferxxo” echoed through the venue, referencing Karol G’s current boyfriend, as attendees grew restless. A song by Karol G, “Amargura,” was played while the crowd waited.



Nonetheless, when Anuel finally took the stage, the atmosphere was charged with a mix of excitement and disappointment. The crowd was forgiving for the most part though. Things got even better when Anuel brought out Ozuna. After that, it’s like nothing had ever happened. 



Yet, while speaking to the crowd, he explained that he experienced a flight delay after the NBA All-Star game. He seemed to be upset about this. There’s even a video of him circulating social media hitting the stairs as he’s walking to the main stage before his set. Anuel, the festivalgoers understand this sentiment – we were as upset.  Also, this event reignited debates about his punctuality in past shows. Anuel, ponte las pilas.  

In the end, Vibra Urbana proved to be an unforgettable experience. Regardless of the slight hiccups, Vibra Urbana remains a celebration of Latin music and how much the reggaeton genre has evolved.  

Have you experienced the vibes of Vibra Urbana already? 

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