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Mexican Actor Tenoch Huerta Says He’s the Result of Immigrants’ Collective Sacrifices During His NAACP Image Award Acceptance Speech

Credit: Instagram/ @tenochhuerta

The NAACP Image Awards is an event that hosts an annual award ceremony to recognize the achievements in the arts and entertainment by people of color. And this weekend, it brought lots of joy to its winners and viewers.  

From Quinta Brunson explaining what it means to her to celebrate Black culture to Gabrielle Union using her time to speak on trans issues, it was an eventful evening – and beautiful all around.  

It also recognized the hard work Tenoch Huerta put in his role for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Huerta played the film’s sympathetic anti-hero, Namor (aka K’uk’ulkan), the ruler of the vibranium-rich, underwater kingdom of Talokan. The Mexican actor won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.  

Namor originally entered Marvel Comics in August 1939. The character debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Wakanda Forever in November 2022.  

Latines and actors from Latin America don’t often get the chance to take part in the MCU. So, this role was not only an accomplishment for Huerta, but also for the entire Latine community.  

Marvel Studios congratulated Huerta and his colleagues such as Angela Bassett via Twitter.

“Congratulations to Tenoch Huerta for his NAACP Image Award win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: #WakandaForever! #NAACPImageAwards,” Marvel Studios tweeted.  

Tenoch Huerta’s NAACP Image Award acceptance speech is one to remember

What stood out the most about Tenoch Huerta’s win was his speech.  

He used his moment to ensure everyone understood what his win meant. During his speech, he spoke about how over 500 years ago many people were displaced from their country. He also took the opportunity to explain how he is the result of so many sacrifices, which is thanks to the community’s “huevos” and “ovarios.” More importantly, he ended his speech by saying that people must stop fascism and racism.  

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a Tenoch Huerta speech. He is ever the activist and will always use his platform to question the status quo. Other Latine public figures should take notes.  

If you weren’t able to catch Huerta’s NAACP acceptance speech, catch it below.  

Mexican Actor Tenoch Huerta Says He's the Result of Immigrants’ Collective Sacrifices During His NAACP Image Award Acceptance Speech
Credit: Instagram/@naacpimageawards

 I have no words. This is unexpected, but I have to say that I’m nothing but the result of a community. The community of the crew and the cast of Black Panther, the community of all the people who made the movies possible, the community who crossed the border, leaving everything behind to build a new life in this wonderful country.  

For all the people who were stole 500 years ago from their homeland to be here, building a better life and a better country for all the people who live here. So, I’m the result of all of you guys, I’m the result of your love, your passion. And your “huevos” and “ovarios.” Thank you, guys. This is an honor.  

Thank you for everybody. My family, my daughters. My sisters, my brother, oh my God, this is incredible. I hope that things change. Not just here, but all around the world. We are the face to stop the fascism the racism and all those fucking concerns.  

Tenoch is the inspiration our community needs. 

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