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Azúcar Alert! Celia Cruz’s Barbie Doll Now Available for Sale

Celia Cruz, the Beloved Afro-Latina Icon, is Going to Appear on the U.S. Quarter belatina
Credit: Ibrahim Arce (Narcy Studios photographer), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

¡Azúcar! It’s time to celebrate! Celia Cruz’s Barbie doll is finally on sale.  

It’s so great to see the iconic Queen of Salsa be recognized by Mattel. After all, her voice, her style, and her spirit continue to captivate audiences worldwide, even years after her passing.  

Celia Cruz’s colorful and vibrant stage presence is beautifully recreated in Barbie’s form. The doll wears a dazzling outfit reminiscent of Celia’s iconic style. From the meticulously detailed dress to the bold jewelry and headdress, every element of the doll showcases the essence of the Queen of Salsa herself. 

Cruz’s Barbie doll is more than just a collectible; it’s a celebration of her enduring legacy. 

This exciting collaboration between Mattel, the creators of Barbie, and the Celia Cruz Estate has brought to life a meticulously designed doll that embodies the essence of the beloved salsa star. 

The Celia Cruz Barbie doll serves as a bridge between generations, introducing new audiences to the beautiful spirit of this salsa legend. It’s also remarkable tribute to a woman whose music transcended borders, languages, and cultural barriers. 

Though the Celia Cruz Barbie doll was announced a few months ago, now collectors and fans alike have the opportunity to purchase it. 

How to Get Your Own Celia Cruz Barbie doll

For collectors and fans of Celia Cruz, this Barbie doll is a must-have addition to any memorabilia collection. This special edition Barbie costs $35 and is generating immense interest among fans and collectors. Moreover, it’s a chance to own a piece of salsa history, a symbol of Celia’s enduring spirit, and a reminder of the power of music to unite and inspire. It is important to note, however, that it might be difficult to get your hands on one. According to WWD, the Celia Cruz Barbie doll is sold out on the Barbie Signature website. However, it may still be available at Amazon and select retailers. 

So, whether you’re a long-time fan of Celia Cruz or discovering her music for the first time, this Barbie doll is a beautiful tribute to a woman whose legacy will forever remain “azúcar” – sweet and unforgettable. 

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