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BELatina’s Weekly Recap: Jenni Rivera, Latine Literature, Día de Muertos, and More

Happy Fri-yay, everyone!

We hope that everyone’s week went great and that you have time to enjoy the first weekend of November. How is it November already? The holiday season’s upon us!

This week we covered influential and much-needed Latine representation in literature, and innovative ways that the Latine community is calling out eligible voters, and we talked about Dia de Muertos’ annual celebration as well as highlighted Jenni Rivera’s musical legacy.

Pero that’s not all – let’s dive into what you might’ve missed this week: from our newsdesk to your trusted device.

The Magic of ‘I Am,’ a Bilingual Children’s Book Looking To Empower Kids Through Positive Words

The Magic of ‘I Am,’ a Bilingual Children’s Book Looking To Empower Kids Through Positive Words belatina latine
Credit:sol y luna publishing

How we think and talk to ourselves becomes the perfect indicator of self-love. The words we think, the words we speak, and the words we repeat in our minds are generally related to the way we see and experience our reality. 

The power of words is something that we learn from an early age, and it is through this and the use of positive phrases that the book The Magic of “I Am” / La Magia De “Yo Soy” looks to achieve its goal. 

First published in 2021, this bilingual affirmations children’s book was written by Latina author Jocelyn De Leon and illustrated by Zaida Diaz. 

Quince to the Polls: Young Latinas Call Out Voters In Texas

Photo credit: Elle Communications

There’s been a plethora of innovative ways that companies are presenting to get eligible Latine voters to the poll centers. 

From the Chispa app, which partnered up with Voto Latino, to A-List Latina powerhouses speaking up about the importance of the Latino vote – all effort is being heard. 

The latest? Texas’ Poder Quince initiative: a movement that meshes voting and culture.

As we know, the Latine culture celebrates a quinceañera as a transition to womanhood. With this new POV, Poder Quince encourages quinceañeras to also use this opportunity to pledge to defend their family and community by voting – and it’s incredible.

Latina Author Kali Fajardo-Anstine Talks About Her Latest Novel ‘Woman of Light’ Ahead Of The Miami Book Fair 2022

Photo credit: palley promotes

Miami Book Fair 2022 will take place on November 13 to November 20 at Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus. One of the Latina authors being featured this year is Kali Fajardo-Anstine who wrote “Woman of Light: A Novel.”

“Woman of Light” is a novel about betrayal, love, and fate. It tells an Indigenous Chicano family’s story that spans five generations. It’s a work of fiction that discusses Indigenous and Latinx roots that aren’t commonly showcased in mainstream media.

To understand more about the book’s origins – from the fiction aspect of it to the non-fiction happenings that include the Ku Klux Klan march of 1934 – BELatina News spoke with Fajardo-Anstine.

As a Latina, This is Why ‘Día de Muertos’ is One of My Favorite Holidays

Credit: Instagram/ @fernandalefon

Every year, the second day of November fills up my body with a sense of pride.

When I stop for a moment and remind myself that this tradition comes from the place where my family is from, Día de Muertos stops being just a holiday and becomes part of my identity. I feel like I belong. I feel the most suertuda of having such a particular thing to celebrate in my culture.

After all, it is a celebration of life and the love we have to offer to our seres queridos.

Top 5 Songs That Prove Jenni Rivera Is Still A Chingona

Jenni Rivera is an icon. Whether you like her or not, her music legacy transcends generations and is still being talked about today. In fact, her newest posthumous single “Misión Cumplida” was just released, and it carries the same spirit of her past tracks all in one.

For those who aren’t familiar, some of her song’s main themes are resilience, empowerment, and putting yourself first. While she did at times sing about being the other woman, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s an overall chingona and feminist icon. Why? Because at the end of the day, her strength to overcome all of her situations remains unmatched.

To celebrate her legacy – almost one decade after her passing – here are five songs that still prove that Rivera is a badass.

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