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BELatina’s Best of the Week: AMLO’s request to Bad Bunny, Afro-Latina Directed Film Ready for Nominations, and More

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The week has come to an end. It feels like it all happened in a jiffy. As last-minute holiday shopping takes place and many of you are wrapping up things at work, time seems to be flying. However, in between all the madness, the world continues to spin and bring us headlines from the Latine community.  

We know that this is probably the busiest part of the year and not everyone can read the daily news every day. This is why we are going through some of BELatina’s most important articles this week. 

So, for those of you who missed news stories about our community, take a moment to read what happened this week. From Mexico’s president, AMLO, asking Bad Bunny to perform for free to learning about a 12-year-old Panamanian reporter, it was an eventful week.  

Let’s take a look at the rest! 

Afro-Latina Directed Short Film ‘Daughter of The Sea’ is Now Eligible for Academy Awards Nominations    

Afro-Latina Directed Short Film 'Daughter of The Sea' is Now Eligible for Academy Awards Nominations belatina latine

“Daughter of the Sea” is a short film that captures the perseverance of all women, but through the eyes of a Latina.   

Shot in Puerto Rico, the 20-minute short has gained some significant traction and is now officially eligible to be nominated for Best Short Film at this year‘s Academy Awards. 

Mexico’s President Invites Bad Bunny to the ‘Zócalo’ After Ticketmaster Controversy – Not Everyone Is Happy 

During his daily morning conference on Wednesday, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed the Ticketmaster controversy that left thousands of ticket holders unable to attend a Bad Bunny concert held this past weekend at the Estadio Azteca installations in Mexico City. What was the reason behind the issue? Fake tickets.       

The president, also known as AMLO, lamented the situation and invited the boricua singer to hold another show at the Zócalo. However, the Mexican leader said the concert needed to be a “collaboration.” 

New BELatina Episode Showers Us with Many Holiday Gifts 

Holiday dinner table courtesy of Princess House

The holidays are here – and so is the new episode of BELatina TV! 

We know how much the Latino community enjoys the holidays, or las fiestas, so we gave it all for our holiday episode. It was thanks to this episode that we were able to share some great gems. From getting runway ready to setting the perfect holiday dinner table, this episode is filled with the best tips and tricks. We even showcased some of the greatest stocking stuffers anyone can give this year. 

Behind Jazzy’s World TV, the Young Panameña Queen Interviewing All Your Favorite Celebrities 

Credit: Instagram/ Jazzysworldtv

Jazlyn Guerra, known as Jazzy, is a panameña from Brooklyn who has a natural talent for interviewing and speaking in front of a camera on her Jazzy’s World TV channel.   

Anyone watching her content, whether it’s on YouTube or Instagram, can notice the young reporter talking to famous people without ever looking nervous. 

Latine Films & Shows Are Being Removed From HBO Max – What’s Going On? 

It’s such a win when we get films and shows that represent our Latine community. However, we’re in a streaming era that doesn’t let us save these masterpieces. 

If you haven’t noticed, HBO Max has canceled many shows lately – including the popular fan-favorite “Westworld.” The reason is that back in August, Warner Bros. joined Discovery and they’re working on a new streaming service that will come alive in mid-2023. For now, content is being abruptly pulled out, making way for the new service. 

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