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Suicide Prevention Month: The Particular Case of Latinas in the U.S.

In researching for this article, I came across a curious terminology used by public health specialists when referring to mortality in the Hispanic community....

The Mental Health Crisis Among Black and Latinx Transgender Youth

The increasing introduction of anti-transgender legislative proposals in the United States has spotlighted the experience of Black and Latinx transgender youth, who are doubly...

Transgender Advocacy Group Launches Spanish Hotline To Help Latinx in Distress

Starting July 1, the grassroots Trans Lifeline has launched a Spanish version of its phone line, which since 2014 has offered direct emotional and...

Sara Hegazy, Egyptian LGBTQ Rights Activist, Dies by Suicide in Canada

Two years after receiving refugee protection from the Canadian government, the trauma and pain were finally too much for Sara Hegazy, an Egyptian LGBTQ...