BELatina Editorial Policy

Fact Checking Policy

Reporters must be precise with their words, headlines, and URLs. They must understand that words have power and act responsibly. In doing so, reporters must verify the information they gather. This includes identifying information such as names and positions, but also includes factual statements and accounts. Reporters conduct their own fact checking using their own judgment guided by the ethics policy. BELatina will use fact checkers in certain circumstances it deems warranted.

Ethics Policy

These guidelines apply to all members of our company.

The Purpose Of This Policy:

The fundamental purpose is to protect the impartiality and neutrality of BELatina and the integrity of its news stories. Every staff member is expected to read these rules carefully and abide by them as they apply to his or her duties.

Compliance With This Code:

BELatina takes this code of conduct very seriously. All employees of Business Insider are responsible for compliance with all aspects of this code. All new employees shall be required to read this code at the outset of their employment, and to attest in writing that they have done so; all BELatina employees shall be required, at the time this code is first promulgated, to read it and so attest. Such written attestations shall be required once each year.

The matters addressed by this code are sufficiently important that any lapse in judgment within the areas covered here may be considered serious enough to warrant discipline up to and including dismissal.

Any employee who has a question about or becomes aware of his or her own possible violation of this code or by any other employee, or becomes aware that he or another employee is involved in a transaction or relationship that could reasonably give rise to an actual or apparent conflict of interest, should promptly discuss the situation with his or her supervisor. Every effort will be made to maintain the confidentiality of such discussions. BELatina will not permit or tolerate any retaliation against any employee who makes a good faith report about a possible violation of the code by another employee. Please consult with the Talent team if you have any questions on this.

Nothing in this Policy is intended to preclude or dissuade employees from (a) reporting possible or suspected violations of law or regulation to any governmental agency or entity, cooperating with any such agency in an investigation, or making other legally protected disclosures; or (b) engaging in any other legally protected activity, including but not limited to, activities protected under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), such as collectively discussing wages, benefits or terms and conditions of employment or raising complaints concerning working conditions.

Corrections Policy

For typos, numerical, grammar, and minor factual corrections, update the post. There is no need to note the change.

For corrections to or the addition of substantive facts that meaningfully change the story, a correction notice should be placed at the end of the article after the story has been updated. You should also get approval from your deputy editor. Once the correction has been made, notice of the correction should be sent to all global editions.

Avoiding Conflict of Interests

Promotion/Links: It is unacceptable for anyone at BELatina to accept cash or anything else of value in exchange for promotion/links, etc. in a story, especially if the relationship isn’t disclosed. There are certain instances in which we are given travel expenses or swag or other benefits for covering a story. And, importantly, when we are given these things, we should always disclose it clearly. There are also certain instances in which our company might be paid to link to sponsors’ sites, those relationships will also be disclosed clearly.

Employees cannot be members of any Board of Directors that would constitute a conflict of interest with The Company. Staff members should disclose information regarding any Board of Directors they are currently on or any they may be contemplating to determine whether a conflict does exist.

Voting and Campaigns: It is not BELatina’s intention to dissuade employees from participating actively in civic, charitable, religious, public, social or residential organizations. Such activities are permitted, and even encouraged, to the extent that they:

Do not detract from performance or effectiveness of work;

Do not cause BELatina to appear to subsidize the activity;

Do not otherwise violate this code.

All editorial team members as well as senior management with any responsibility for news should refrain from partisan political activity. As relates to candidates for elected office, this activity includes passing out buttons, posting partisan comments on social networking sites, blogging, helping to solicit campaign contributions, or hosting a fundraiser for a partisan candidate. This activity also includes making any level of financial contribution to a candidate’s campaign for elected office or any Political Action Committee supporting individual candidates for elected office. While these restrictions do not explicitly apply to an employee’s spouse, significant other, children, or family members, all editorial team members and senior management with any responsibility for news should refrain from exhibiting political bias.


At BELatina, as at most journalistic organizations, we have a strong policy against plagiarism.


Reporters must seek both sides of the story by providing an opportunity for those subject to negative accusations with an opportunity to respond. Reporters seek to convey accusations in detail and allow a fulsome response.