Michelle De La Isla BeLatina

Michelle De La Isla Could Be First Latina Elected to Congress in Kansas

At a critical time for the country, the leadership pyramid has been radically reversed, putting those at the forefront of local efforts to deal...
Abortion Right Belatina

Texas Takes Advantage of the Coronavirus Epidemic to Impose More Restrictions on Abortion

Just as the White House saw the opportunity in the coronavirus epidemic to close the nation’s borders, other conservative states have seen an ideal...
Bernie Sanders Joe Biden violence against women BElatina

Is it Time for a Feminist President?: The Difference Between Biden and Sanders in...

We've had to reluctantly assume that this time we won't see a woman sitting in the White House either. Despite the strength of movements like...
Harvey Weinstein Feminism

What Is the Future of Feminism After the Weinstein Sentence?

These past four years have been so tumultuous, it seems like a decade ago when a handful of brave women broke their silence and...
Jen O'Malley Dillon BELatina Latinx Biden

Meet Jen O’Malley Dillon, Joe Biden’s New Campaign Manager

It seems that former Vice President Joe Biden is ready to move onto a new stage of his campaign: the general election. According to people...



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