Envision 2020: Recasting Festival Culture With Costa Rica’s Radical Consciousness Gathering

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If you have always been intrigued by the idea of the festival experience, but you have yet to take the plunge, then it’s your lucky day. Perhaps you have convinced yourself that you’re too old / too tired / not cool enough / not adventurous enough or that you hate crowds / hate lines / don’t really care about music that much / [insert excuse here]. Regardless of your reasons for avoiding festivals in the past, Envision Fest is a festival you will want to pay attention to. Envision Fest is a unique festival experience that is so much more than just a festival. It’s a journey, a chance for personal transformation and above all, a positive environment where you make an impact on the world around you and make some memories in the process. 

Celebrating it’s tenth anniversary, Envision Fest is the festival experience for people who really don’t think they’d like attending a festival. It’s not just days of hanging out in a dusty and crowded desert for hours on end of loud music, drugs, and drunk people. It’s not one type of activity for three days straight and it’s not an event you attend solely to take selfies and overshare on Instagram. It’s a community. A chance to master a skill, to grow as a person and to try something new in nature’s playground. It’s an opportunity to give back to the community and ecosystem around you. It’s a time to practice self-love. Envision Fest is, quite simply, a chance to embrace openness, to embrace happiness, and to revel in the opportunities that surround you. And it will blow your mind.

The Where, When, and What: Must-Know Envision Fest Details

Where: Uvita, Costa Rica

When: February 17th – 24th, 2020

What: Everything you dreamed of in a festival experience.

Envision Fest is known as the original jungle festival, aka the Costa Rican Burning Man, and this year’s 7-day festival event will take place from February 17th – 24th, 2020 in Uvita, Costa Rica. This idyllic location in Rancho La Merced exists where the jungle meets the beach, providing breathtaking views of the Costa Rican coast as well as tons of rainforest canopy and untamed natural beauty. The festival is hosted in the “Southern Zone” of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, which is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, so there are endless opportunities for adventure and exploration in nature. The venue allows attendees to camp in the jungle but is also a short walk to epic surf and life-changing sunsets. In other words, it’s perfect.   

While the festivities last a full seven days, there is also the option to attend solely the 4-day experience on the fairgrounds from February 20th – 24th. Regardless of which days you attend, Envision Fest is a 24-hour event that is packed with non-stop, transformational experiences across a wide range of pillars and purposes. Whether you want to enjoy music in a beautiful jungle setting, you want to learn something new about green architecture, you want to be inspired by forward thinkers pushing the limits of how we connect, you want to meet new people from around the globe, you want to focus on your health and your body, and everything in between, Envision Fest has it all.

Think of Envision Fest As a Vacation on Steroids

Envision Fest is, at its core, a festival. But it’s so much more than what you might picture when you hear the “f” word. This event is all encompassing, offering engaging activities and opportunities to learn and grow across a range of topics and pillars. And because this festival retreat of sorts is located in the heart of the jungle, you guessed it, attendees will be camping. In fact, all multi-day tickets incorporate a “Camping Impact Fee,” which grants you access to the campgrounds, but does not include any camping gear (think tents, shade structures, sleeping pads or pillows). For your camping gear you can bring your own or rent it on site.

Think of Envision Fest as summer camp for adults and their families. Yes, families are welcome here; it’s not an X-rated event, and families of all shapes and sizes are welcome to participate in the festivities; in fact, children under 12 are FREE. If you’re looking for a somewhat unconventional but totally inspirational and impactful family vacay, this might just be it.

Envision Fest is also a paradise for art lovers. The incredible art installations and stage setups throughout the festival grounds are unlike anything you have seen. There are works of art (and artists) throughout the jungle setting, and the entire environment is colorful, creative, and awe-inspiring. 

If you’re coming in from abroad, general admission passes will start you at just over $400 for 4-day access to yoga classes, herbal workshops, sacred ceremonies, and live music. Ticos, as Costa Ricans are colloquially known, will have access to special pricing as locals.

Giving Back to The Environment Is a Fundamental Part of the Experience

At this festival, you’ll also have opportunities to give back to the community and ecosystem around you. Envision Fest is a “conscious and progressive gathering” where attendees will not only learn about but also take action to maintain the beautiful land on which Envision is held. Envision is a Leave No Trace event, which means that attendees are encouraged to minimize waste, maximize recycling, conserve water, source only environmentally-sound products and materials, and minimize atmospheric impact. In other words, the goal of the event is to leave the land in a better (or as good) condition than you found it. Envision Fest is on a mission to make an impact through expanding eco-awareness, and offers everything from seminars to workshops to help build consciousness and a positive impact on our planet. 

A Peek At the Festival Lineup

While all of these unique qualities and activities make Envision Fest special, let’s not forget about one of the core events to take place under the gorgeous jungle canopy — the music. The music lineup at Envision Fest is epic and is stacked from start to finish with everything from established superstars to up-and-coming musicians to local performers. You might not recognize all of the names on the list, but you’ll definitely know some of them, and those that you don’t, you should, and you will know soon enough. For this year’s lineup, the festival founders set out to bring together artists across genres, ranging from EDM to techno house, bass and more, including superstars RÜFÜS DU SOL and Tipper, as well as a huge list of artists to watch.

What Makes This Festival So Special

What truly makes Envision Fest so unique and special has to do with both the people who attend and their intentions going into the event. This festival doesn’t just offer one kind of activity or one type of entertainment, and it allows participants to focus on more than one aspect of their being or their goals. It’s all-encompassing, and the festival founders always set out with the vision to help attendees improve their lives on a variety of fronts, which is how they came up with their seven pillars.

According to the event website, the pillars are as follows:


We develop sustainable solutions where guests depart with the tools to integrate into their own lives and communities.


We deliver cutting edge music that blends genres and creates a positive and communicative interactive dance floor experience.


We create a safe space to share knowledge and ideas while enlightening all those traveling different paths.


We invite you to awaken your body, strengthen your soul, enlighten your mind, and open your heart to express your true self in all of your beautiful glory.


We promote conversation about how best to apply this powerful knowledge, both eastern and western, to treat ourselves, while keeping sustainability of the planet in mind.


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360-degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it.


We invite thought-leaders and change-makers in every field of our pillars to learn new ideas and inspire each and every one of us to create the world we ENVISION.

Envision Fest is a unique festival experience that is a music festival, art exhibit, and wellness retreat all combined into one. It’s a chance to learn something new, to embrace openness and transformational experiences, and to surround yourself with positive people in the beauty of nature. For its 10th year, it looks like Envision Fest will be better than ever, and expect to see big things from this festival in future years as well. In the festival’s 10-year anniversary video we hear the line “they say you need to see the world, but it’s not as important as seeing yourself.” And that’s what Envision Fest is all about. 

So what are you waiting for?

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