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Jennifer López BELatina Latinx

Jennifer Lopez Wants to Give Latina Entrepreneurs the Capital Boost They Need

We have often talked about the economic strength of the Latino community — especially Latinas. We are not only one of the fastest-growing ethnic...
small latina-owned businesses

These Latina Entrepreneurs Are Helping to Protect Vulnerable Communities During the Pandemic

Small Latina-owned businesses are really stepping up their efforts to help people access the tools they need to feel safer during COVID-19. Over the...
‘Endure and Overcome,’ Tips for Tackling Obstacles As You Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey Belatina news

Op-Ed: ‘Endure and Overcome,’ Tips for Tackling Obstacles As You Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey

In 2015, I found myself a single mother with one son and a pressing need to provide for my family. While reviewing my options,...
Pivot in Life BELatina Latinx

‘Si Se Puede,’ Why It’s Important To Know That It’s Never Too Late in...

If COVID-19 taught us anything as entrepreneurs, it is that we have to be ready to pivot — and pivot quickly.  If you’ve been in...
Photo courtesy of Nathalie G Photo @nathaliegphoto Belatina latinx

Meet the Latina Team Behind the PR Influence, an Agency Helping Companies Take Their...

The pandemic had a lasting impact on many industries and professionals, forcing entrepreneurs, workers, and business leaders to pivot their plans and reinvent their...
Equal Pay Day BeLatina Latinx

Equal Pay Day, Nothing New Under the Sun

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 24, 2021. Since then, little has changed. Inequality persists, women remain second-class citizens, and the...
Christina Martinez Very That BeLatina Latinx

Cristina Martinez is On Her Way to Become the Chicana Lisa Frank

If you grew up in the 90s, then chances are you experienced the colorful, whimsical, wild world of Lisa Frank — the stationary queen...
Latina Moms and business owners Mountain Beast Man Tonic BeLatina Latinx

How Two Latina Moms and Business Owners Persevered During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic really took a toll on small businesses in this country, and Latina-owned small businesses, in particular, were hit extremely hard. Perhaps...
Isabel Guzmán BeLatina Latinx

Isabel Guzmán Becomes the New Leader of the Small Business Administration

Last Tuesday, the Senate confirmed Isabel Guzmán as director of the Small Business Administration, making her the first Latina to hold the post. Much of...
Biden 100 days BeLatina Latinx

What Can We Expect During Biden’s First 100 Days?

More often than not, American Presidents are judged on what they achieve during their first 100 days in office.  After Trump’s long-awaited departure, our incoming...
New Economics for Women BeLatina Latinx

New Economics For Women, The Nonprofit Organization That Has Latinas’ Backs

The Coronavirus pandemic has served as a contrast material in American society, bringing to light the extent of racial and gender disparities in a...
Small Business Women BELatina Latinx

How The Pandemic Has Affected Women’s Small Businesses

Until the advent of COVID-19, the National Women's Small Business Month celebration was primarily about highlighting achievements and recognizing the obstacles women face in...