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Adriana V. Lopez
Adriana V. Lopez is a writer, editor and translator whose work has been published by Harpercollins, Simon & Schuster and Penguin Random House, among others. Her arts and lifestyle journalism has appeared in newspapers such as “The New York Times” and magazines such as “Rolling Stone.” She divides her time between the U.S. and Spain, and also produces web content on topics such as health, food, parenting, books, and personal growth.
Ana María Enciso
I studied Literature, lived in Barcelona and have eight years of experience writing and editing texts for digital and printed media. You can find some of my work in media such as AL DÍA News, BELatina, Latina Media, and El Espectador. I also work as a copywriter and UX writer in English and Spanish. You can find out more about my work in my website anaenciso.com or reach out at encisoanamaria286@gmail.com.
Andrea Reindl
Andrea Reindl is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. She has a bachelor's degree in both English and Television, Radio and Film from Syracuse University. Her beats delve into feminism, beauty and pop culture, so you'll never see her without an opinion on the latest current event.
Barbara Ramirez
Barbara S. Ramirez is a public relations student, aspiring to use her skills to represent non-profit organizations around the world. She is a proud Venezuelan that due to political pressure and violence was forced to exile in the U.S. As a curious and driven student, Barbara embraces her Hispanic roots and emphasizes the need for equality and self-empowerment by exploring her passion for writing.
Cindy Lamothe
Cindy Lamothe is a biracial freelance writer who writes often about science, health, lifestyle, and social justice. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, New York Magazine, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, Shondaland, among many others. Find her at www.cindylamothe.com.
Darlin Gonzalez
Darlin Gonzalez is a Cuban freelance writer with a passion for everything art related. When she is not exploring the nuances of the Latinx culture and its complexities for BELatina, you can find her exploring her obsession for photography, learning a new dance style, or exploring the theater scene in Miami.
Dr. Esther Liberman
Dr. Esther Liberman was born in Bogotá, Colombia back when electric typewriters and Liquid Paper were all the rage. She studied literature for a very long time, because that’s how much she likes to read. When not grappling with words, she enjoys competitive cooking, practicing Ashtanga yoga, traveling with her troupe of boys, watching movies, going to the beach, having a beer or a bourbon, walking around town in chancletas, and much more. She currently lives in Miami, FL with her first husband, two young boys who sound like there’s ten of them, and her little dog, too. She completed her PhD in 2005.
Erica Nahmad
Erica Nahmad is a writer and blogger based in Miami, Florida. A native New Yorker, she previously worked at Fitness Magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine and wrote web content for saludmovil.com, LatinaMoms.com and Mamiverse.com. She is a full-time mom to two young children, a self-proclaimed foodie, a dog-lover and a wine enthusiast. When not writing about all things health, fitness, pop culture, relationships, food and personal growth she is spending time with her family, breaking a sweat (she is a former fitness instructor and 5-time marathon runner) or learning everything she can about the latest trends in the wellness world.
Gloria Malone
Gloria Malone writes about the world she sees around her and the world she hopes to co-create with women of color. You can follow her on all social media at @GloriaMalone and learn more about her at GloriaMalone.com.
Jeanette Hernandez
Jeanette Hernandez is a music enthusiast based in Los Angeles, CA. She's currently a Daily Trending News writer for BELatina News, as well as a freelance writer for other important websites. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a seasoned bilingual Latin indie music publicist. You can find her musings via Instagram + Twitter: @jeanettehndz.
Lisan Simpson
Lisan Simpson is a fashion and beauty writer, who migrated to New York from Jamaica, West Indies in 1993. She became enthralled in the fashion and beauty industry shortly after graduating from NYU with a B.S. in Accounting. While working in New York City’s financial sector, she took the time to explore her creative side as a freelance writer for various fashion sites, most notably Vigore Magazine, Thefabulousreport.com and PopstyleTV.com. She has covered several seasons of New York Fashion Week as well as shared her talent as a makeup artist for runway shows, editorials and charitable causes geared to women of domestic violence (womenempowerus.org). Her in-depth knowledge of beauty and fashion trends will give our readers front row access to the industry, with special insight for Women of Color (WOC).
Latina Moms is the everyday destination for the modern Mamá. Our panel of leading social influencers and celebrity moms, cover the latest in beauty, fashion, parenting tips, style, relationships, career and all the issues that matter most to women and mothers like you.
Marcela Davison Aviles
Marcela Davison Avilés is the "go to"professional in Hollywood for storytellers of Latino/Latinx and Hispanic subject matter who require cultural consulting, production and writing services. She is a trusted and valued team player in the television and film industry with a portfolio of projects that include Golden Globe award winners, Academy Award and Emmy nominated films and television programs and numerous award winning festivals and live events.
Maritza Zuluaga
Maritza Zuluaga is a Bilingual Multimedia Journalist based in New York. With a Master's degree from Florida International University in Investigative Journalism, she found her passion lies in social justice. Maritza primarily focuses her beat on activism, politics, and music. When she is not writing, you can find her on a run, at a protest, or daydreaming.
Olga Maria
Olga Maria is a NYC & European based Latina Travel and Lifestyle Writer, Editor and Digital Nomad. Join me on all my adventures around the world via @dreamsinheels. I hope to inspire you to expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone.
Rachel E. Molko
Rachel E. Molko is currently earning her Ph.D. in English at Northeastern University and is living in South Boston. Her research interests reside at the intersection of feminist rhetorical theory, inclusive pedagogy, and social justice; she is working with the The Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality to further her goals. Outside of work, she enjoys watching Jeopardy!, practicing hot vinyasa, and spending time with her cat, Simba.
Sawhney is a writer born and raised in Northern California. In 2019 she released her first book, Lemons, a collection of poetry in which she utilizes the natural world of Northern California to reflect on her inside world. She recently relocated to Miami and you can follow her poetry on Instagram @sawhney_the_writer
Sonia Manzano
Sonia Manzano is an award-winning actor and author known worldwide as “Maria” from Sesame Street. Manzano has been a volunteer with the Bronx Children’s Museum for over a decade. In addition to actively participating in museum events, she wrote a picture book for the museum called The Lowdown on the High Bridge. The proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Bronx Children’s Museum.
Susanne Ramirez de Arellano
Susanne Ramirez de Arellano is the former News Director for Univision Puerto Rico and a writer and journalist living in New York City. She has a blog in El Nuevo Día called Susanne en la Ciudad. You can follow Susanne on Twitter @DurgaOne.
Tatiana Mena Ramos
Tatiana Mena Ramos was born and raised in Puerto Rico. With deep commitment to issues of social justice, environmental conservation, and marginalized communities she strives to amplify voices and shed light through her writing, photography, videography, and graphic artwork. To see more of her work, visit https://tmenar.com
Talk Fast Listen Slow
Exploring life, love and culture. Hosted by Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco. Two women navigating this modern world.
Yvette Bodden
Yvette’s compelling articles about women in life, love, Latino culture, divorce, co-parenting, motherhood, abuse, dating, and relationships demonstrate compassion and understanding for people and real-life situations. Readers can relate to her writing because it comes from personal experience demonstrated through her words. Her writing reflects a deep connection with the various issues related to women. She is as passionate about her message as she is about her writing – to inspire, encourage and empower women everywhere. To find out more about the author, please go to Awakened-Woman.com
Yamily Habib
Art historian by passion; writer by accident. Yamily Habib the Senior Editor at Belatina News. She is a Syrian/Venezuelan migrant in diaspora for almost ten years. She covers politics, gender, LGBTQ+ issues, and the underground scene of Latin American music. When she's not writing, she experiments with analog photography and shares it on Instagram @pollyannehoon