Amara La Negra Talks About Motherhood, Empowerment, and Her Latest Projects

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Amara La Negra is undoubtedly one of the most important Afro-Latina icons of the moment. Since the world met her on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop, Amara’s career took off, and she is now an artist and entrepreneur who inspires millions of Afro-Latinas around the world.

However, becoming a mother has undoubtedly been one of the biggest transitions in her life.

“I’ve always been more independent and goal-oriented, but motherhood has intensified that feeling for me,” Amara La Negra told BELatina in an exclusive interview.

Amara announced last year that she was expecting twins, and the world followed closely, through her social networks, her experience as a single mother.

This transition taught Amara to be more prepared for the future.

“I’ve always been a planner, but now that I have kids, I’m always trying to be a couple of steps ahead and pre-plan everything I can. I feel like the transition from last year to now has been pretty drastic for me,” she said.

We wanted to delve a little deeper into her experience with motherhood, her current projects, and her perspective on what’s happening in the world today. Here’s what Amara had to say:

What would you tell other Latina single working mothers?

You are everything your baby needs at the end of the day. Whether you have a father involved in your life or not, whether you find a stepfather for your children or not, whatever the case may be, truly, you are everything the baby needs. As long as you are strong and supportive and there for your child, that is the most important thing at the end of the day. 

Children will always belong to their mothers, no matter what. In my case, I’m definitely a mother first, and then I am a woman, an entrepreneur, an artist, and all those things. I am all those things after, but I am a mother first. I would say, as long as you make sure to put your babies first, they will be your biggest motivation, inspiration, and the fuel you need to make anything happen and become the best woman you are meant to be for your children. 

Tell us about your new children’s literature project.

I do have a children’s book called “Amarita’s Way.” We have the first edition. We are now working on releasing the second edition of “Say No to Bullies,” available on and Barnes&Nobles. 

I’ve always thought that children are the future. I have so many little ones that look up to me, and I always wanted to do something empowering them. Now that I have my daughters, it’s even a bigger motivation and inspiration for me to want to, maybe even in the future, do a children’s book with my baby girls, “The Royal Twins.” 

Let’s see what the future holds but definitely, I know that I’ve been preplanning for my girls for a long time and that motherly instinct I’ve always had, and that’s why it was so important for me to do something for the little girls that look up to me with this book and also shoutouts to my partner McBride.  

What misconceptions do people often have about you?

For some reason, if I had to say that there’s any misconception about me, it is that I look stuck up or antisocial. The truth is that I can be a little bit shy, whether you believe it or not. I am a little shy, and I definitely transform when I’m on stage, and my big personality comes out but in the privacy of my home sometimes I can be shy. 

I don’t know if people really think or believe what they say cause I try always to be myself, and part of being myself is to be a humble person, but I don’t know if some people think that I live this lavish bougie lifestyle, that I eat lobster and oysters all day long. That’s not the truth; I am super humble, super simple. I think that also comes from the way that I was raised, my mom has always been around to make sure that I keep my feet on the ground.

Given the state of the world and the attacks on women’s reproductive rights, how do you think we can equip our daughters to face the future?

Funny enough, everyone has asked me how I feel about everything that’s happening with women’s rights, and the truth is, I am pro-women all day, every day, pro-women empowerment. I’ve never openly spoken about this, but I do believe that women have the right to their own bodies. Obviously, no man, it doesn’t matter who it is, should have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body or force her or obligate her to do something she is not prepared to do mentally, physically, or financially. 

I do believe in life. I had children in my life when I felt I was prepared, and even then, you never know when you are prepared. But everybody has their own speed of life, everybody does things in their own time, and I think that it’s so unfair. 

I hate the way that the world is turning now. I feel like we’re upside down. Instead of moving forward, we have actually gone back in time in the worst way possible. I’m definitely very upset with what’s currently happening. I believe that women should have the right to choose when, where, and how they want to have children. No government should have the right to force a woman to have children if she doesn’t want to. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Super excited to be launching at the end of this year the Royalty Empress Collection which is my babies’ clothing line, my cosmetic line Eternal Beauty by Amara, and also Body by Amara which is my workout clothing line. I worked hard to set up different business ventures so that I could come full body with my music next year and return to it. 

I wanted to do some type of business that I could lean on, pass down to my children, and just create different sources of income. I’m such a big believer in the generation of wealth and creating different sources of income so that later on, I can really focus on doing what I truly love, which is my music and being on stage and all those things that I miss so much. 

Obviously, don’t miss next season of Love & Hip Hop Miami, my podcast Exactly Amara on IHeart Radio, My Cultura Podcast Radio, and so many more exciting things coming up.

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