Bad Bunny Tells ‘Rolling Stone’ That He Never Threw His Fan’s Cellphone in the Water: ‘Bro, That Cellphone Didn’t Break’

Bad Bunny Tells ‘Rolling Stone’ That He Never Threw His Fan’s Cellphone in the Water: ‘Bro, That Cellphone Didn’t Break’
Credit: Jeinz Macias, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Oh, Bad Bunny. Mister Conejo Malo. Ay, Benito. You definitely did not take 2023 off.  

Now, the world’s favorite reggaetonero (hey, these are only the facts), is back at it again and picking at wounds we thought had been laid to rest. Yes, we are back with cellphone-gate as well as other controversies that have surrounded him these last few months. It seems as though these things have been weighing heavy on him considering he just appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone to clear the record.  

From Time Magazine alluding that Bad Bunny “regretted” writing “El Apagón” to him not allegedly explicitly stating that colorism exists in the music industry, Rolling Stone became a diary for this boricua. And as the chismosxs that we are, we are here for it.  

Let’s not forget that Bad Bunny has been expressing his thoughts on his controversies for quite some time now. He, for example, used his set at Coachella to remind people that he loved singing “El Apagón” as well as letting the audience know that they don’t know about his life.  

The response to Bad Bunny’s Coachella act has been a mix of praise, criticism, and intense debate. Supporters argue that his artistic expression is a powerful tool for social commentary, drawing attention to real-life issues through his performances. On the other hand, some skeptics view the act as a mere spectacle, questioning the effectiveness of such gestures in creating meaningful change. 

‘Rolling Stone’ Becomes Bad Bunny’s Diary

Now, in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Bad Bunny shed light on the motivations behind “El Apagón.” He explained that the blackout was a symbolic representation of the power outage experienced by millions of people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017. For Bad Bunny, it was a powerful gesture meant to highlight the struggles and injustices faced by his fellow Puerto Ricans. 

During the interview he also got into the subject of colorism. Due to a past interview with Time Magazine, people felt as though he didn’t acknowledge colorism or racism in the industry. Yet, as he spoke to Rolling Stone, he set things straight.  

To me, he says he didn’t want to speak over the experiences of people who have suffered racism. “I’m Latino, Caribbean, my skin is white,” he told Rolling Stone.  

“I have felt rejection in the U.S., maybe in some places because of being Latino. I’ve felt rejected in a world where there’s a lot of rich people and you could have 100 million in your bank account, and to them, you’re [looked down on] for being Latino. I can’t speak over the experiences of other artists. It’s obvious that racism, colorism exists in all parts of the world, in all industries.” 

Pues, okay, Benito.  

The global superstar spoke out about the cell phone incident as well.  

“Bro, that cellphone didn’t break. It exists. It bothers me that people haven’t said that. I didn’t throw that phone into the water. I threw it into some bushes,” he said.  

“She has it. She should upload the video.” 

Bad Bunny took this opportunity to emphasize the importance of privacy in his personal and professional life too. This could potentially be because of the rumors going around him and Candle Jenga (IYKYK) dating. 

He expressed his desire to maintain a sense of authenticity and control over his image, noting that fame has its drawbacks. Despite the controversies, Bad Bunny continues to navigate the limelight on his own terms, preserving his privacy while making bold artistic statements. 

Is He Forgiven?

There’s no way to know if his interview with Rolling Stone will make him get on people’s good side again. The reality is that a lot of his fan base is disappointed in him for his recent actions. Yet, it is important to remember that he’s his own person and should be allowed the freedom to live his life on his own terms. Have we forgotten Yo Hago Lo Que Me De La Gana? Well, one thing is for sure: a liar, he is not.  

Let’s see what other surprises Bad Bunny has in store for us in the next upcoming months. Considering how the year has gone so far, we are sure there’s plenty more coming our way. 

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