Through the Looking Glass: Best sunglasses to Make You Shine This Summer

Sunny days are here and summer is in full swing, so it’s time to break out your best accessories and up your eye game. Of all your summer must-haves, we’d argue that sunscreen is probably the most important item you own, but closely behind it are your shades. Yes, those fashionable frames do a lot more than just look cool and keep you from squinting all day. They also protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from harmful UV rays. And as a bonus for keeping your eyes safe, you also get to express your unique style and have a little fun with your summer fashion. 

When you’re choosing sunglasses, a few key things matter. Style, of course comes into play. So does the shape of your face, your personal vibe and your price point. But you also have to consider the kinds of sunglasses you are going to wear and what level of UV protection they offer. And if you’re not lucky enough to have perfect 20/20 vision, then you might also want to consider prescription lenses to help you (literally) navigate your summer adventures. 

3Sunglasses Trends To Try for 2019


This summer there are several styles to choose from, many of which are classics and some of which are on-trend and very fashion-forward. You have lots of options and lots of freedom to find a look that is chic and right for you.

Oversized and Transparent

Large translucent lenses are very in this season, and they come in virtually every shape and color you can imagine. From bright blue to nude to yellow, these sunglasses are the perfect pop of brightness to give your wardrobe a bit of oomph, without going overboard on color. If you tend to keep your clothes simple, then these glasses are a fun way to experiment with different hues, and they add an instant dose of chic. We love these bright blue shades from Free People, these pink hexagon shaped shades from Chloe and these bright yellow beauties from Maison Margiela. 

Visor Sport Glasses

Visor Sunglasses Belatina

You’ve probably seen people rocking these statement sunglasses — they’re all about full coverage and are reminiscent of funky 80s fashion, but they’re cooler and more modern than most visors or goggles. They’re a bit futuristic and a bit sporty, and they definitely make an impression. We love them because they cover a lot more of your face, so while they look cool, they’re also better for your eyes and your skin. Try these visor shades from Oakley or these futuristic frameless sunglasses from Acne Studios.