Body Positivity Content by an Argentinian Woman That Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Body Positivity Content by an Argentinian Woman That Will Make You Feel Good About Yourself belatina latine
Credit: Instagram

In our social media world, it’s nearly impossible not to have beauty stereotypes shown in our faces over and over again and during different times of the day.  

And that doesn’t only have to happen when we’re scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. That can happen anywhere — you know, when you’re taking your dog for a little walk, and you bump into a giant billboard that shows a perfectly photoshopped image of a person that could unconsciously pressure you to strive to look just like that.  

Part of it has to do with the public figures we see every day on our screens and with how unattainable certain looks – especially Eurocentric looks – are for many women who don’t see their body types constantly represented on the internet or television.  

This is why finding content creators that speak about body positivity is a breath of fresh air in the middle of my daily — high — dose of social media, no matter what type of physique they have.  

Influencer Sol Carlos is the perfect example of real, body-positive content. The Argentinian is full of self-confidence and wants every one of her followers to be mindful of their beauty as well. 

Sol Carlos’ content revolves around body positivity 

Whether we are talking about a loose shirt or a bodycon dress, Sol never hesitates to wear an outfit she likes, and her self-love is just contagious. On a personal note, every time I listen to her videos, I only want to get that outfit I haven’t ordered for the reason of thinking that it won’t look good on me.  

It’s not all about pretty outfits, makeup, and staying positive. The content creator also opens up about insecurities she has faced in the past and the ones that she continues to struggle with.  

“There’s a lot of ignorance in this topic. A lot of people think that if you love yourself and you don’t have a body that’s trending, then you’re not taking care of yourself. They criticize without knowing anything about your daily routine. Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean that they’re healthy,” Sol wrote in one of her Instagram posts 

This is the type of realness that I’m looking for. It doesn’t matter what your body type is: This mujer argentina has a body-positivity-related message for everyone.  

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