From Cardi B to Peso Pluma, Latinos Took Over ‘In the Mix,’ TikTok’s First Live Music Event

From Cardi B to Peso Pluma, Latinos Took Over ‘In the Mix,’ TikTok’s First Live Music Event

TikTok keeps pushing the envelope. Yesterday, it set the stage on fire with its inaugural global live music event, “In the Mix,” held at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona.  

The event boasted an amazing lineup that featured stars from the Latine community such as Cardi B, Peso Pluma, and Anitta alongside performances by emerging artists like Isabel LaRosa. Attendees were treated to a real-life taste of TikTok’s For You feed, engaging in activities inspired by the app’s popular trends. 

For those unable to attend in person, TikTok provided a front-row seat to the action, broadcasting the event with appearances from creators and sharing highlights that reminisced on the year’s trends. 

What Happened at the Event

Well, according to AZ Cental, Cardi B took center stage, delivering a mind-blowing performance. Clad in a stunning red ensemble (that resembled something our queen, Selena Quintanilla, would wear) and surrounded by dancers in matching attire, Cardi ruled the night with her chart-topping hits like “Money” and “Up.” Of course, her twerking was impeccably choreographed. And what a view it was. 


Cardi B at the Tiktok in the mix show 😍 #cardib#bardigang#fyp#foryou#viral

♬ original sound – Cardi B Network

Meanwhile, Peso Pluma’s appearance was met with an uproar of excitement from fans. His charismatic aura and raspy voice, electrified the audience, solidifying his status as the fastest-rising superstar in regional Mexican music. Dressed in a slick all-black ensemble, Pluma commanded attention and adoration from the moment he set foot on stage. He also sang his latest song, “Bellakeo,” alongside Anitta. 

Anitta’s performance was also a spectacle. The Brazilian navigated through a repertoire of hits, commanding the stage with her undeniable presence and sultry moves. Her set featured tracks like “Envolver” and “Mil Veces,” making the audience sing with each song. 


@Anitta just altered my brain chemistry 🤩 #TikTokInTheMix

♬ original sound – TikTok

Additionally, Isabel LaRosa, the Cuban-descent emerging star, gave a phenomenal performance. She serenaded the crowd with her haunting vocals, delivering a powerful set that left a lasting impression. 

After ‘In the Mix’

After performances, Cardi B made headlines when she revealed that she’s no longer dating Offset, despite his presence at the event. On the other hand, Peso Pluma’s formal demeanor with Anitta sparked discussions, attributed by many to his relationship with Nicki Nicole. However, it was super cute to see him seemingly “blow a kiss” to Nicki Nicole from the event.  


Peso Pluma manda beso a su reina @nicki.nicole Por las Noches In the Mix Tik Tok Arizona

♬ original sound – Nekki Basara

TikTok’s “In the Mix” event encapsulated the platform’s undeniable impact on pop culture and on the Latino community.  

Were you able to watch it? 

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