Girl Up is the Global Movement that Empowers Young Leaders to Defend Gender Equality

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The names involved in the mission can leave some readers starstruck. Celebrity names branded as advocates include actress Priyanka Chopra, Former US Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Soni, Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker, Philanthropist, and Business Leader-Angelica Fuentes and Queen of Jordan, Majesty Queen-Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan. The list of public figures is impressive but does not outshine the cause. Empowering young girls all over the world to fulfill their potential is the name of the game. 

Girl Up is a worldwide movement of female leaders seeking to protect gender equality. Founded in 2010 by the United Nations, the goal is to have a platform that includes a source of training and funding that helps perpetuate change. The key to making a difference in the lives of these young girls? Provide advocacy, fundraising and thought leaders that will engage others in the efforts to create programs to create more global development. The girls that benefit from the initiatives are likely living in remote societies, perhaps, suffering from severe poverty or miseducation in locations lacking all types of important human resources. The idea behind this GirlUp is to give the young girl and adolescent population tools to better themselves. Getting aid to the disadvantaged areas is essential to help encourage empowerment. Knowledge is power, it can inspire people to feel capable and lead to aspirations for more opportunities. 

The work being done includes an overall plan to strengthen girls’ understanding of the possibilities open to their gender. In a particularly violent or dangerous country where the girls are taught to obey, please or take care of the males in their society, it would be hard to imagine a different life but with GirlUp they can learn of another way. Girls learn about the concept of equal opportunities in society, financially, and in education. Some of the targeted countries are places like Guatemala, India, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Uganda among others that do not recognize the rights of women. From an early age, girls are undervalued without a chance to receive fair treatment. Their lives, often less kind as they are likely treated as second class citizens, not receiving a fair shot at school, work or anything other than taking care of a home and family, sometimes at a very young age. It may be their norm, all they know but nonetheless cruel and grim reality. 

As the mother of a 16-year-old girl, the idea that an entire population of young girls in other parts of the world mistreated, undervalued and used is difficult to comprehend. Knowing the ignorance experienced by these societies has great culpability in much of what is happening in these countries does not make it easier. These men, women, and children do not know anything else which makes advocating programs like GirlUp, even more necessary.

It is crucial to contribute to resources that help find ways to demonstrate a different way of life. Although, some people may continue to do things the same, others may open their eyes to see variable options. It isn’t always about changing people’s minds or lifestyle. It is rather about showing the spectrum of choices that can be made available. The world looks very different when we are given options, this can go to anyone, anywhere. This program has supported 34,095 girls in different parts of the globe. It is a big number when you think about the intricate parts of putting together a mission of this kind. Simultaneously, you can imagine the work ahead of them as they continue to plow through the millions of missions that are yet to be uncovered and successfully carried through to the end — worthwhile, work indeed.

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