Hailey Bieber Tried to Rebrand Our Tías’ Favorite Lip Liner Trend By Calling It ‘Brownie Glazed Lip’

Hailey Bieber Tried to Rebrand Our Tías' Favorite Lip Liner Trend By Calling It ‘Brownie Glazed Lip’ belatina latine
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Hailey Bieber’s been on the media headlines lately. From talking about her husband Justin Bieber’s ex-partner Selena Gomez’s past relationship to being questioned for culture appropriating people of color’s signature lipgloss and lip liner look – all eyes are currently on her. But let’s talk about the latter subject today.

What makes TikTok interesting is that it’s a medium where anyone can upload their latest findings – some of which aren’t new at all. We’ve seen white folks discover aguas frescas and call them “spa water.” We’ve even seen users cosplay as Latinos to fit the app’s latest trends. It’s hard to keep up with these “novelties” that are appropriating our culture.

The latest? Bieber’s “brownie glazed lip.”

What’s the “Brownie Glazed Lip” all about?

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?


ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips 🥹✨✨✨🤎🤎🤎

♬ cant erase – weeping audios

The latest buzzing trend involves the American model Hailey Bieber. In one of her recent TikToks, she posted her latest makeup fall trend which caught the attention of many brown and black people. “Ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips,” Bieber wrote on her TikTok post.

Turns out her “brownie glazed lips” is the familiar dark lip liner with lip gloss combo that our tías and older cousins wore in the 80s and 90s. Some millennials revived the look in the early 2000s and were called cholas or chongas. Still, this “lipliner” trick has been a go-to for decades in our community. 

“Yeah this has been around for years my mom and tias still rock that look lol,” a TikTok user Rosemarie Mendoza wrote in Bieber’s comments. Another TikTok user Luciana Cortes said: “✨Brownie ✨😂 pero le fata sazon 🤌🏼.”


laughs in hispanic #latinastiktok #haileybieber #culturevulture #haileybieberlipliner #badbunnypr

♬ sonido original – Yibêlî

Others are speaking out on the different ways that the look is portrayed based on race. “Really? A brown glazed lip? So I’m called ghetto when I do it, but when a white girl does it she’s not?” TikTok user Addison024 said in a video response

She further explained: “The reason why we would wear such dark lip liner with gloss is that beauty brands didn’t have the exclusivity or right colors for our skin tone.”

On the flip side, some social media users are justifying Bieber’s fall lip look because she’s half-Latina. Her mother is Brazilian. But has she shown up for the Latine community in the past? Let that simmer. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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