Feel Good Vibes: How To Get Your Virtual Party On During These Times


Due to recent events, a lot of us have been instructed to stay cooped up in our homes. It is understandable that this needs to happen to flatten the curve, but we can’t deny how boring it can get. Though I am a major homebody, I miss going out to my town’s privately-owned coffee shop to enjoy the best chai latte or buying pandebonos from my favorite Colombian bakery. However, the more this situation progresses, the more I realize how clever people are getting in order to help others stay entertained. I even started noticing my social media feed get flooded with posts advertising virtual parties. It seemed comical at first, but then I became curious to see what a virtual party would be like. So, I attended one. 

One of the announcements I saw was a public invitation by DJ IC3 to have people join her virtual birthday party. DJ IC3 or Aislinn is a blossoming DJ located in Hollywood, Florida. She is someone who seems to consistently exhibit positivity while mixing music that drives crowds wild. Evidently, the Argentina-raised musician wasn’t going to let this global hiccup get in the way of her birthday. Instead, she took matters into her own hands.

“Regardless of what the world is going through, I’m still staying dedicated. I’m still trying to find different ways to get creative. My goal is to keep people entertained,” DJ IC3 told BELatina News


Now that I’ve witnessed my first virtual party, I’d like to let others know how to get their virtual party on. Here’s how: 

Dress up. 

For many of us, it’s been several days or longer (no judgment!) since we’ve gotten fresh or dolled up. I know it might seem silly at first, but hear me out. It’s nice to have something to look forward to and to actually have an event where you can showcase your outfit of the night. Even if it’s just virtual. We have to make the most out of our situation, don’t you think so? 

Since the host of the virtual party can include you in their live streaming, looking your best (whatever that may mean to you) can be exciting. I wish I hadn’t attended in my pajamas, otherwise I would’ve requested to be featured in the live streaming. But there’s always next time!

Pour yourself a drink. 

Whether it’s a glass of red wine, tonic water, or hot cocoa, pour it. Then, blast the virtual party as loud as you can and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. In fact, this is something that we may start appreciating. How many times haven’t you wished your bed was only a few feet away when you’ve been out? Partying from your bedroom is a different vibe — an enjoyable vibe at that. 


If possible, decorate the area you’ll be tuning into this virtual party. I know this may seem odd, but during the party, a couple of people who joined the live stream had also decorated a bit. Some had different colored lights, while others had on party gear like neon glasses and lights. These people added an extra touch to the already vibrant party created by DJ IC3. Decorating for this unconventional party also eases your mind for a bit. We are overthinking quite a bit lately and a virtual party can give you the chance to relax. 

Get up and dance. 

Even though the pandemic may be mentally taxing for many, it is imperative that we put in our part to keep our spirits high. As it’s been proven, any sort of activity, such as dancing, can lift up your mood dramatically. So, dance it out around your home when you’re attending a virtual party. DJ IC3’s abuelita was seen dancing all the way from Argentina thanks to the virtual party set up. The abuelita had on a festive hat and danced away for the world to see. It was definitely heartwarming to see how a virtual party could be so impactful. It gave a sense that optimism and high spirits are still part of our society.

Regardless of the fun that may be had in our current reality, living during these troubling times hasn’t been easy for anyone. DJ IC3, herself, has struggled with the ongoing changes our world is enduring. “Well, it [Coronavirus] has affected me economically-wise. Everything shut down and that means everything shut down for me. What I learned in this situation is that you have more than a set of income coming your way coming your way,” expressed to BELatina News. 

Despite what’s going on, she continues to be hopeful. “We are the only ones in control of our feelings. At this moment we need to learn to do this by meditating or using breathing exercises.You know, you have to try to stay as positive as you can. I’ve had to understand that I’m not the only one going through this. It’s actually the entire world.” 

We can only expect these virtual parties to become the norm for the next several weeks. All of us should get on board with them too. They are uplifting and give us the opportunity to do something other than to wallow. If you’re in luck, the beats provided by the party you choose is as lively as the ones played by DJ IC3. 

As for now, heed the advice provided by DJ IC3, “stay safe, stay focused, and definitely wash your hands!”

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