The Iconic Elegance of Actress Roselyn Sánchez

Roselyn Sánchez BELatina

Roselyn Sánchez is an ultra-talented Puerto Rican actress who has worked hard to become a household name. You can probably recall seeing her on Without a Trace, Rush Hour 2, Grand Hotel, and other roles. Aside from acting, she also juggles other trades such as singing, songwriting, and producing, to name a few. However, despite her impressive skills, she still struggles with being applauded based on just merit. She’s often described as a ‘sexy’ latina and that can get under her skin. She considers this description unnecessary, especially when she’s graced the entertainment world with remarkable elegance.

It is no secret that every ethnicity has their own share of stereotypes. It’s just the way it’s always been, despite it being so annoying. Without a doubt, Latinas encounter plenty of stereotypes, but there’s one that constantly gets thrown around. For some reason, Latinas are often complimented on their attractiveness or ‘sexiness’ usually before getting acknowledged for their intellectual merit. This is an ongoing behavior that has happened towards Roselyn Sánchez, including on her most recent role as Gigi Mendez in the new ABC series executive produced by Eva Longoria, Grand Hotel. Instead of being referred to as by just her physical appearance, Gigi Mendez can be described as a complete señora de la casa. This means she’s the lady of the house, much like a decision maker, if you will. Her Grand Hotel character is a majestic woman that handles her family and life effortlessly. Even though being called sexy is not the worst stereotype, it sometimes feel as Latinas qualifications are diminished to just the superficial. 

Luckily, stereotypes are just that and don’t need to be taken into consideration for validation of strengths or abilities. To me, instead of focusing so much on her appearance, I’d rather outline her strengths. One of her more distinguished strengths is her ability to handle anything with grace.

Roselyn Sánchez BeLatina
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 For instance, she recently went under fire for hosting the Latin Grammy Awards a few weeks after giving birth to her son. Many people were urging her to decline this job and to continue resting. The comment sections in her social media accounts were flooding her with suggestions for which she never asked, but she didn’t fret. She reached out to her fans and those worried about her decision to work by posting about her decision. She offered people a brief explanation on her decision to host the award show through a post on her Instagram account. Her level-headed response to the concerns revolving her job opportunities further exemplified her charm. 

Despite a busy career, she also manages her family, two children and her husband, with great finesse. As per her own decision, she had her children at an age the Latinx community would usually frown upon, but she didn’t mind the criticism. Sánchez believes that women should come to their own conclusions on when to be a mother without thinking of the age. However, she did realize that taking care of her family while working was going to be a difficult feat in itself, but she has had the good fortune of having a wonderful support system, which includes her husband. Raising a family often requires a team and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Roselyn Sanchez Belatina
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Anytime there is an ambitious woman in the picture, you know that there has been some calculated moves made. Roselyn Sánchez made that very clear. But we can’t deny how gracefully she moves through it all. It goes to show us that we can be assertive and still be respected. 

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