Immersive Exhibition Offers Another Experience of the Work of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Immersive BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Kyle Flubacker.

One of the most important feminist icons in the Latin American imagination is undoubtedly Frida Kahlo, the Mexican surrealist artist whose work echoes the suffering and resilience of women.

Coinciding with Women’s History Month and nearly seven decades after her death, an immersive exhibition gives viewers a unique opportunity to experience her work.

As reported by NBC News, the “Immersive Frida Kahlo” art installation commemorates the Mexican icon’s 1930s tour of the United States. It features her best-known works in seven cities, including Dallas, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles.

Produced by Lighthouse Immersive, the exhibition, which is already open in some cities, uses digital technology and music to create a 360-degree experience for visitors to “step into” Kahlo’s world.

“I think it’s important that people get to know all of the Fridas. Frida the human, Frida the single woman, Frida the charitable helper, not only think of her as a painter,” Mara Kahlo, her great-grandniece, told NBC News.

“She’s a woman ahead of her time. Her art was ahead of her time. Everyone said that she paints from the inside out, that she doesn’t copy or reproduce things,” she added. “So I think you have to recognize that she painted her thoughts, her reality, her life.”

In Boston, for example, the exhibition spans 500,000 cubic feet and includes reproductions of such masterpieces as “The Two Fridas,” “The Wounded Deer,” and “Diego and Me.”

“I was crying in the moment,” Mara Kahlo, who serves as president of the Fundación Familia Kahlo, told Artnet News. “You feel our family, the heart of Frida, the music, the emotion, everything-it’s spectacular.”

Fans of Frida and her work will be able to enjoy a unique “immersion” into the biographical aspect of her career, as well as many of the anecdotes woven around her life, all thanks to the latest technology.

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