A Side Hustle Summit for Latinas Who Want to Werk

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COVID-19 has more people staying indoors and online than ever before, and a lot of us are taking the opportunity to educate ourselves. Jannese Torres-Rodriguez has organized the free Side Hustle Summit to help people use some of this time to learn a new skill. 

The Side Hustle Summit is a week-long event running from Monday, April 20th to Friday, April 24th. Each day will be led by a dynamic Latina who will teach you how to use free and low cost tools at your disposal to your advantage. Torres-Rodriguez hopes that people who attend the summit will, “walk away feeling inspired and empowered to create streams of income that align with their passions, and that they realize they are in total control of their earning potential.






Hispanic Owned Businesses by the Numbers According to the 2019 Hispanic Small Business Report “Hispanic businesses grew 40.2% from 2012 to 2018 —more than twice the 18.8% growth rate of other U.S. firms. Today, about 1 out of every 7 businesses is run by a Hispanic American entrepreneur.” Hispanics continue to defy systemic and interpersonal discrimination in order to remain one of the nation’s elemental growth variables. Additionally, Forbes reported that Hispanics have $1.7 trillion in purchasing power. 

How Side Hustles Help

As the founder of the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast, Torres-Rodriguez is not shy when it comes to talking about money and business. She owns three businesses and decided to organize the summit because she knows that in these uncertain times some helpful concrete next steps can potentially calm some of the stress and worry. “I want everyone to know that you don’t have to go into an office every day to earn enough income for you and your family. My side hustles helped me pay off $39,000 of student loan debt in 17 months. My side hustles are helping me be able to retire by the age of 45.” She went on to add that even if she lost her full-time job, her side hustles would allow her to pay for all her essentials and then some. “That piece of mind is so powerful,” she told BELatina.

The Florida-based Puerto Rican business owner pulled together some of her favorite Latinas using the internet to bring in income. When asked why she chose each of the presenters, Torres-Rodriguez replied, “Each of them is an expert in using the power of the internet to connect with people, create a brand and monetize their content, and they’re all women of color, which is my favorite part!” 

Latinas Using the Internet to Grow Businesses

Presenters include Mexican-Canadian personal finance mentor, Liz Enriquez of AmbitiousAdulting.com; attorney and money coach, Delyanne Barros of MasterMyFire.com; world traveler and digital creator, Vanessa Menchaca of WanderOnwards.co, and Joy Valerie Carrera, founder of Basic Brown Nerds and JoyValerie.com. Each day of the week one presenter will share their expertise. Topics include how to create a blog that actually makes money, how to start your side hustle for under $100, using Tik Tok to captive and grow an audience, making money anywhere, and how to grow your empire. 

These amazing Latinas have come together to pool their invaluable knowledge and expertise to give back and pay it forward. 

“Whether you’re in a good or bad financial situation right now, remember this: Your current state is never permanent. Be flexible. Be agile. Be prepared.” said Barros. The Side Hustle Summit is hoping to help you be prepared. 

Even if you are unsure about what your product or business might look like Carrera wants you to remember, “Obsessing over something being perfect before you share it with the world is stopping you from starting. Just start!” There is still time to just start and register for the free summit. 

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