Latinos Know How to Party: Tokischa Proves This in Latest Show at LIV

Latinos Know How to Party: Tokischa Proves This at Latest Show in LIV
Credit: World Red Eye

Is clubbing really dead? Many in the new generation of club-goers seem to think so, lamenting that no one dances or genuinely enjoys themselves at clubs anymore. While this might hold true for some (que pena), it’s a completely different story when Latinos are in the mix.  

As a lifelong party girl (I’m Colombian, this will never change), I can confidently say the club scene is now more vibrant than ever, especially for Latinos. We have rumba or parranda in our DNA, and it’s absolutely the best. 

Latinos Know How to Party: Tokischa Proves This at Latest Show in LIV
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Take, for instance, one of the hottest clubs in the United States: LIV. Tucked in the beauty of Miami Beach, LIV continues to be the IT place, attracting big-name artists constantly. It has also carved out a significant space for the ever-heavy Latino scene in South Florida. This is the place for anyone who really wants to have fun, regardless of ethnicity. 

LIV, located in the iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach, hosts its Latin night on Thursdays, known as “Mentirosa Thursdays.” While the name might raise an eyebrow (considering Latino men’s notorious reputation for fibbing), it perfectly encapsulates the playful spirit of these nights. We all just want to have fun, after all. 

Tokischa at LIV During ‘Mentirosa Thursdays’

On the latest Mentirosa Thursday, the dembow goddess Tokischa took the stage. The crowd was heavily Dominican, her compatriots showing up in full force to support her, and the Latino presence was immense. Before La Toki graced us with her performance, Mario Duran and Dimelo Flow made sure to rile up the crowd. Perreo intenso, dembow, and even bachata took over the dance floor. If there’s one thing Latinos know how to do, it’s how to party. 

The outfits were on point, as expected. Latinas always know how to turn heads with their style. I even brought along my very American colleague from Ohio, exposing her to this Latin night. She fit in seamlessly, even ending up dancing with the Dominicans around us. Her perreo skills were impressive, and it was a proud moment for me. 

Tokischa, in true Latina fashion, made us wait a bit, but when she finally came out, she killed it. She performed some of her fans’ favorite songs like “Ride or Die Part 2” and “Estilazo,” leaving everyone in the crowd satisfied with her show.  

Credit: World Red Eye

LIV definitely captures the Latin vibe, and it’s far from done. Clubbing might be over for some, but for Latinos, it’s always thriving. We know how to party, and that’s not changing anytime soon. 

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