Listen Up: 10 Podcasts That Celebrate and Explore Latino Culture

You can never learn enough about your culture. No matter how much you think you know, there is always an interesting or an obscure historical fact; or an important narrative that you haven’t learned about; and cultures you never even knew existed. While you may know plenty about the Latino history and culture of your country of origin, there are about 20 more countries in Latin America, each with their own identity. Read on to learn about 10 podcasts that will school you on all things Latino — culture, history, identity, and more.

Latino USA

Latino USA is NPR’s only “national Latino news and cultural weekly radio program.” Each week, Maria Hinojosa schools us on the following topics: politics, business, music, health, and arts and culture.

Bitter Brown Femmes

Ruben (of Queer Xicano Chisme) and Cassandra (of Xicanisma_) are the duo behind the Latinx/Chicanx podcast Bitter Brown Femmes. Their motto is “dismantling shit while talking shit;” their focus is on the critique of society and identity, and empowering marginalized groups.

The Latin American History Podcast

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It is important to learn the history of Latin America, to know where we began, where we have been, and where we are headed. Max Serjeant’s The Latin American History Podcast takes us on a trip back to our origins, with episodes such as “The Taino Rebellion,” “Brazil and the Southern Cone,” and “The Inca.”

Tamarindo Podcast

Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino are at the helm of the Tamarindo Podcast. The podcast hosts discuss politics, pop culture, and how to balance it all con calma. Brenda and Ana Sheila use levity to inform, inspire, and impact the Latinx community. In addition to political banter, these hosts also provide wellbeing practices believing that a better YOU makes you a better advocate. 

Locatora Radio

Locatora Radio is a “radiophonic novela” ran by Mala Muñoz and Diosa Femme, aka “las mamis of and bullshit.” Their podcast is all about “the experiences, brilliance, creativity, and legacies of femmes and womxn of color.”

De Colores Radio

Based in Dallas, De Colores Radio is a podcast by Eva Arreguin and Rafael Tamayo. The duo take on Latinidad, art, pop culture, and more on the show. It is part of the larger De Colores Collective, which also throws parties and themed art shows.

Bag Ladiez Podcast

Afro-Dominicans Estephanie and Lina are the voices behind the Bag Ladiez Podcast. The Bronx natives discuss several topics (with and without guests) on their episodes, including AfroLatinidad, family, race, sexism, and politics.  

Radio Ambulante


Radio Ambulante is “NPR’s first Spanish-language podcast telling uniquely Latin American stories.” The show, which shares stories from Spanish-speaking countries, won the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Prize for Innovation in Journalism in 2014.

In the Thick

Maria Hinojosa is on a roll with her podcasts. Webby-nominated In the Thick, is hosted by the Latina and fellow journalist Julio Ricardo Varela. It “has the conversations about race, identity and politics few people are discussing or want to discuss.”

Morado Lens Podcast

Morado Lens is “a feminist podcast hosted by two childhood friends who discuss embracing your #InnerBruja, sex, and culture — always fun, always real. These childhood friends are boss ladies Cindy Rodriguez and Nathalie Farfan.

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