Love, Heartbreak, and Musical Triumph: Karol G and Rauw Alejandro Showcase Vulnerability and Strength in Their Latest Chart-Topping Releases 

Love, Heartbreak, and Musical Triumph: Karol G and Rauw Alejandro Showcase Vulnerability and Strength in Their Latest Chart-Topping Releases

Love is in the air. Or at least that’s the case for both Karol G and Rauw Alejandro.  

Though both artists are going through very different experiences with love at the moment, they are tugging at their fans’ hearts. They do share one thing in common and that’s their bravery to be vulnerable in front of the masses.  

On one hand, we have Alejandro recounting the pain he’s endured since his breakup with Rosalia. Meanwhile, Karol G is, evidently, in her healed phase, which she sings about in her latest song.  

But let’s take a closer dive at why the songs these Latin music superstars are gaining so much traction.  

Karol G Is Better Off

Let’s start with our Colombian queen, Karol G. Yesterday, she released the second edition of “Mañana Será Bonito,” which she dubbed as “Bichota Season.” As her fan base eagerly awaited her new music, there was a song from the track list a lot of people were curious about: “MI EX TENÍA RAZÓN” or “my ex was right.” 

To her fans’ surprise, this was the song she uploaded to her social media when her new album was officially available – and it was the clapback her followers had been waiting for. After all, Anuel AA has been deserving of a snarky message from La Bichota herself all summer long considering he continues to use her for his marketing efforts. (wakala) 

The lyrics are unequivocally inspired by her past relationship with the Puerto Rican trap singer and her new beau, Feid AKA Ferxxo.  

Take a look for yourself: 

“Mi ex tenía razón 

Dijo que no iba a encontrar uno como él 

Y me llegó uno mejor, que me trata mejor” 

The above lyrics are roughly translated to the following: 

“My ex was right 

He told me I wouldn’t someone like him 

And someone better came, who treats me better” 

Karol G shut Anuel up with class and elegance. Que bueno. 

Aside from the emotive lyrics, there is a strong presence of someone else the Latino community has crowned as their queen: Selena Quintanilla.  

Throughout “MI EX TENÍA RAZÓN,” there’s also an undeniable influence to the Norteña style that the late Queen of Tejano music used in her own music. La Bichota confirmed this on her social media by expressing her love for Quintanilla. 

“Un estilo musical que he seguido y admirado toda mi vida y con una dedicatoria especial a una artista que hizo que creyera que algún día todo lo que me pasa hoy , podía ser posible✨Selena Quintanilla️ Te Amo!” 


“A musical style that I have followed and admired all my life, with a special dedication to an artist who made me believe that someday everything that is happening to me today could be possible. Selena Quintanilla. I love you!” 

Without a doubt, Karol G se la comió.  

Rauw Alejandro Is Putting It All Out For Love

Now, let’s talk about Rauw Alejandro.  

At this point, it’s not a secret that La Motomami and him broke up. Their breakup has, collectively, been felt by many people as they were at one point “relationship goals” for thousands. And how could they not be? The parts of their love that they documented were always laced with a sense of sweetness, purity, and beautiful devotion. Yet, their love came to an end, which didn’t only leave those involved heartbroken – it broke the hearts of their fans.  

Since their breakup, there’s already been ill-natured rumors making the rounds as well as unnecessary speculation to the cause of their breakup. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, Alejandro was accused of cheating on the Spanish singer, hence, allegedly, prompting for the dissolution of their love story. This was, however, denounced by the formerly engaged couple.  

Still, Alejandro took it one step further and released the song, “Hayami Hana,” where he ensures everyone understands that infidelity was not the reason for their separation. In the song, he also exposes the deep love he felt for Rosalia – and continues to feel.  

Warning: Reading the following lyrics may cause your eyes to well up with tears.  

“Todo De Ti Y Lo Volvería Hacer 

Terminare Nuestra Casita Por Si Te Da Con Volver 

Hoy Te Dejo De Escribir 

No De Querer” 


“I gave you everything and I’d do it again 

I’ll end up at our house in case you think of coming back 

Today I stop writing to you, not loving you” 

The pain is palpable. It makes you want to reach out and hug him – and remind him that rejection can be redirection to something better. But it’s hard not to want them to get back together, which is currently the general consensus all throughout social media. 

Love may have done both Rosalia and Alejandro wrong – but let’s not lose hope. After all, Karol G is testament that everything does get better with time.  

With their chart-topping songs, Rauw Alejandro and Karol G, have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the Latin music scene. Now, their new releases further solidify their prowess as artists, delivering a captivating fusion of genres, infectious beats, and powerful lyrics that resonate with audiences around the world. 

Have you listened to their new music already? 

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