Making Líder Moves: Level Up Your Social Media Game

Paulette Piñero Belatina, latinx

A weekly column by Latina Leadership Coach and Recovering Perfectionist, Paulette Piñero.

How much time do you spend scrolling through IG? TikTok? Check on your phone, I’ll wait.

Now tell me, how much time do you spend on LinkedIn? Or networking with decision-makers in your industry?

To achieve your leadership goals, your need to be intentional about spending your time in spaces of influence. I’m sure one of the things holding you back is perfectionism. Y si abuelita lo ve? You are waiting for the perfect video, photo, pitch, and even hashtags to show up. The bad news is, there will never be an ideal time, but here’s a solution. Identify something you could talk about for 1 hour without preparing. Your response will tell you what you want to do more of and what steps you need to take. Ready to do the work?

Level up your social media game today.

¡Hasta la próxima!

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